eating disorders
Weight Loss

The main causes of eating disorders and weight gain

Every year the problem of excess weight in people of different ages is increasing. And this despite the fact that many…

Protein Diet

Protein Diet: Lose 6 pounds in a month with the protein diet

To lose weight quickly but without damaging the body, the Protein Diet makes the most of the process of assimilation…

fruit smoothies

5 fruit smoothies that help you lose weight without suffering

To lose weight without suffering, you can prepare some fruit smoothies that support the diet. Its consumption reduces abdominal swelling…

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Healthy Hands
Beauty Tips

Natural Cures For Beautiful and Healthy Hands

Often overlooked, we only deal with them when they start to chafe, to dehydrate or to show stains. But just

Celiac disease
Health Care

Celiac disease: Symptoms and caring for celiac disease

Celiac disease is a condition due to gluten intolerance. The diagnosis of celiac disease is not always easy because the

long and healthy life
Healthy Living

Advice for a long and healthy life

In old age, a nutrient-rich diet and an active life are the secrets to staying long and healthy life. Here

best sunscreen
Beauty TipsReviews

How to choose the best sunscreen for your skin

With the arrival of summer, holidays and outdoor walks, a question arises: what protector should I use? Here we will