nourish the skin
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How to nourish the skin?

The secrets of a beautiful skin are a few: hydration, smoothness, luminosity. Part of the secret is how we treat…

Bali Kratom: Understanding an Asian Wonder

Bali kratom is one of the most amazing, as well as misunderstood, herbs in the world. For thousands of years,…

Coconut activated charcoal to whiten your teeth naturally

It is a type of coal created from the fruit of the coconut tree and that has gone through a…

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Restless legs syndrome
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Restless legs syndrome: symptoms and treatment

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eye bags and dark circles
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10 infallible tips to avoid eye bags and dark circles

To avoid eye bags and dark circles around the eyes it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. While the

Lazy intestine
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Lazy intestine: 5 good habits to find regularity

Do you suffer from a lazy intestine? Here are 5 habits that you should adopt right away to combat constipation


Activated charcoal, beneficial properties and uses for beauty

All the beneficial properties of activated coal. It is good for the intestine, it is an excellent remedy against halitosis