Hair care
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Hair care: How to have beautiful, healthy and strong hair

How to have beautiful hair beautiful, healthy and strong? Very simple, taking care of the hair in a natural way.…


Blueberry: Here are the 10 benefits you never thought of!

The blueberry: this small berry is true for the health of our body: from burning in excess fat to improve…

long and healthy life

Advice for a long and healthy life

In old age, a nutrient-rich diet and an active life are the secrets to staying long and healthy life. Here…

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Spa Pedicure
Beauty Tips

What is a Spa Pedicure? Differences between Spa and Normal Pedicure

Caring for your feet is always important. They are the ones who bear all our weight, those who exert the

Home training plan

Home training plan: Three days of training per week

If you have little time to go to the gym but not stop training, here we bring you home training

cold sores
Skin Disease

How to treat cold sores? Natural and pharmacological treatment

Cold sores, the enemy of summer and colds. Do you know what it is, why it comes out and what

5 steps to start the year without stress
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5 steps to start the year without stress

Change your habits and enter the New Year without stress, following these tips. Sometimes, stress, whether due to work or