eating disorders
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The main causes of eating disorders and weight gain

Every year the problem of excess weight in people of different ages is increasing. And this despite the fact that many…

5 steps to start the year without stress

5 steps to start the year without stress

Change your habits and enter the New Year without stress, following these tips. Sometimes, stress, whether due to work or…

Narrow Pores

Narrow Pores At Home – Easy (Recipes)

Not always our skin looks like we would like it. Not every girl can boast an ideal complexion. On the…

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Skin spots: How to prevent them and what to do?

Limiting skin sports is possible, especially in view of the summer. To send them away instead, you have to act

Celiac disease
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Celiac disease: Symptoms and caring for celiac disease

Celiac disease is a condition due to gluten intolerance. The diagnosis of celiac disease is not always easy because the

Yogurt Diet
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Lose weight with the Yogurt Diet: Diet menu of 1200 calories (kcal) per day

The yogurt diet provides 1200 calories (kcal) a day and allows you to lose weight and lose 3-4 pounds in


How can Kratom help you with premature ejaculation?

The 21st Century is called the century of speed since everything is going on the fast lane, we are all