teeth whitening

Natural methods of teeth whitening

We constantly hear about products that are recommended to be avoided, because they pigment the enamel. Meanwhile, recent research shows that…

improve vision

How to improve vision: 6 tips

“Eyes – a mirror of the soul,” once wrote in one of his works by Leo Tolstoy. But they are given…

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Sleep and health
Health Care

Sleep and health: Why sleep in the dark?

In the era of the oldest civilizations, no labor law existed – a person lived and worked according to biological

Yogurt Diet
DietWeight Loss

Lose weight with the Yogurt Diet: Diet menu of 1200 calories (kcal) per day

The yogurt diet provides 1200 calories (kcal) a day and allows you to lose weight and lose 3-4 pounds in

body flexibility

Exercises to reinforce abdominal and improve body flexibility

These exercises can be practiced safely even at home and do not require special tools, except for a simple fitness

Protein Diet

Protein Diet: Lose 6 pounds in a month with the protein diet

To lose weight quickly but without damaging the body, the Protein Diet makes the most of the process of assimilation