teeth whitening
Beauty Tips

Natural methods of teeth whitening

We constantly hear about products that are recommended to be avoided, because they pigment the enamel. Meanwhile, recent research shows that…

Activated charcoal mask with jelly and milk

Activated charcoal is the most natural, environmentally friendly and cheap means for cleaning the body. But even it needs to…

eye bags and dark circles

10 infallible tips to avoid eye bags and dark circles

To avoid eye bags and dark circles around the eyes it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. While the…

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Protein Diet

Protein Diet: Lose 6 pounds in a month with the protein diet

To lose weight quickly but without damaging the body, the Protein Diet makes the most of the process of assimilation


How does tolerance to Kratom occur?

To understand how Kratom tolerance is produced it is important to understand the mechanisms by which Kratom affects our body.

Lazy intestine
Health Care

Lazy intestine: 5 good habits to find regularity

Do you suffer from a lazy intestine? Here are 5 habits that you should adopt right away to combat constipation

body flexibility

Exercises to reinforce abdominal and improve body flexibility

These exercises can be practiced safely even at home and do not require special tools, except for a simple fitness