Healthy Hands
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Natural Cures For Beautiful and Healthy Hands

Often overlooked, we only deal with them when they start to chafe, to dehydrate or to show stains. But just…

improve vision

How to improve vision: 6 tips

“Eyes – a mirror of the soul,” once wrote in one of his works by Leo Tolstoy. But they are given…

urinary tract

4 remedies with parsley to clean the bladder and urinary tract

Sometimes we leave aside the care of the bladder and urinary tract, and this causes us infections. For this reason,…

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pedicure at home
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DIY: How to do pedicure at home

The feet are a fundamental part of our body and must be preserved and treated constantly. To keep always hygienic,


Top skincare trends for 2020

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10 Herbal Soothing Agents

If you are drowsy and tired during the day, but cannot fall asleep in the evenings, do not necessarily have