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Having white and shiny teeth is the dream of many people who do not have perfect teeth color and would be happy with a dazzling smile. How to whiten your teeth naturally? In this article you will find lots of tips to prevent tooth yellowing and the most effective natural methods for DIY tooth whitening.

The bright smile attracts and captures the gaze of the listener and represents an advantage in a society in which the physical aspect counts a lot to achieve certain objectives. Who would not like to have bright white teeth? Undoubtedly it is not easy to reach white candid, but there are many natural remedies to whiten your teeth naturally that help to achieve excellent results and also prevent the yellowing of the teeth.

The dental stains do not like anyone, so resorting to natural methods, accompanied by proper oral hygiene, is an excellent solution to protect the teeth and learn especially to treat them even in the home avoiding expensive sessions at the dentist.

The causes of dental stains

A beautiful smile is often compromised by unsightly stains on the teeth, which are formed due to colored substances of various kinds that remain attached to the surface layers of the enamel and often also reach the dentin. The stain colors on the teeth are usually classified into five macro groups, which we will analyze in detail.

whiten your teeth naturally

Gray-blue spots

The color of these stains on the teeth is generally caused by the use of antibiotics for a long time. It is also possible that stains on the tooth may be the result of bleeding processes caused by trauma or dental procedures.

Black spots

The black spots on the teeth are often caused by an advanced cariogenic process, originated by poor oral hygiene and by the frequent consumption of too acidic substances such as wine, citrus juices, carbonated drinks, particular drugs or supplements and abuse of sweets and sugars. Another cause of black teeth is the abuse of drugs, especially substances such as methamphetamine or marijuana. In these cases it is necessary the intervention of a dentist who will eliminate the caries and give the patient a therapy that provides the improvement of daily oral hygiene.

Brown spots

The causes of brown spots on the teeth can be many and of various origins. In fact, it is possible that these are caries pathologies during advanced training or may be caused by the side effects of using chlorhexidine-based mouthwashes, recommended in the presence of chronic gingivitis and periodontal problems. The presence of black spots on the teeth therefore imposes a weighted use of mouthwash: it is advisable to use it no more than twice a day for two or three weeks, and only on prescription from the dentist.

Green-blue or metallic spots

If the stains on the teeth are green-blue or metallic, the problem may originate from the environment in which you work. In fact, those who work closely with metals, such as in the chemical industry, are more exposed to substances such as iron, silver and manganese, mercury, copper, nickel, lead, chlorine. In these cases, the doctor should be consulted to ascertain the origin of the stains on the teeth.

Spots on yellow or brown teeth

The yellow or brown stains on the teeth are those that are found most in smokers and in those who chew tobacco, consume tea, licorice and drinks containing caffeine and caramel. In addition, the teeth can become yellow due to the natural aging process or due to poor oral hygiene. Finally, the color of the teeth is also influenced by genetics and, crucially, depends on the thickness of the enamel and dentin.

White spots

This type of stains can be caused by the excess of fluorine (fluorosis) and are distinguished by a different shade from that of the enamel. The problem of fluorescent dental discoloration is associated with demineralized and affected teeth and also to those who consume too many acidic foods or grind their teeth (bruxism).

How to prevent yellow teeth

Before resorting to the dentist to make a tooth whitening it is very important to prevent the formation of yellow teeth, a problem that we can solve by following some daily rules that help to keep the smile beautiful and bright. To prevent it is necessary to identify the causes of tooth yellowing, from research usually in foods or specific substances that we use daily, perhaps in excessive quantities. What substances to eliminate to prevent yellowing of the teeth? The substances to be reduced from consumption or even totally eliminated to achieve better results in a short time are: coffee, tea, chewing tobacco, licorice, artificial color drinks.

whiten your teeth naturally

Smoking is also a major cause of yellowing teeth, as well as alcohol, the uncontrolled use of antibiotics, drugs and mouthwashes with high fluoride content. For a greater prevention it is also a good habit to wash the teeth immediately after consuming one of these substances: taking care of the oral hygiene is indeed an appropriate form of prevention and in addition to a wash at least 2-3 times a day it is also appropriate to use of dental floss, to be done in the evening, and a cleaning of the teeth at least once a year.

How to whiten your teeth naturally? The most effective DIY methods

There are many ways to whiten your teeth naturally in a natural way, but there are some that are very effective and bring your teeth back to their splendor effortlessly and without exorbitant costs. One of the most effective natural remedies for teeth whitening is sage, to be used in different ways: you can rub the leaves on your teeth to get an immediate whiteness or you can prepare a warm decoction to use as a mouthwash.

Even the sodium bicarbonate helps to whiten your teeth naturally: added every now and then on the brush brings significant results, but we must be careful to use it in a not too frequent to avoid corroding dental malt.

A practical help to whiten your teeth naturally also comes from foods such as apples, carrots and pears: in fact, the tiny fragments of these foods, during chewing, help to counteract the spots and represent a real scrub for the teeth, since they fight the tartar formation. Malic acid, which is a fruit acid, when taken in the right dose helps whiten the teeth, and is also found in strawberries and pineapples. Just the strawberries pulp is often recommended to rub on the teeth to prevent yellowing and whiten. Even the banana peel, rubbed on the teeth, is an excellent natural bleaching: after rubbing the banana peel, proceed with the normal cleaning of the teeth.

Apple vinegar is also effective: to use it, just dilute it in lukewarm water and use it as a mouthwash at least once or twice a week.

A valid natural remedy for teeth whitening is given by the lemon pulp, rich in ascorbic acid but to be used with caution. For do-it-yourself tooth whitening it is recommended to use a small glass of lemon juice mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda, then put the mixture on the toothbrush and proceed to the normal cleaning of the teeth. For those who cannot stand the lemon, orange peel is fine, to be rubbed directly onto the teeth.

Among the household products also olive oil has whitening properties on the teeth, while among the effective herbal remedies is the root of the araak tree.

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