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How to whiten your teeth at home? How to do it quickly and without harm to the enamel? What means, not forbidden by dentists, can be used? We are ready to disclose the secrets of teeth whitening, without leaving home. And tell how to prevent negative consequences.

Why do my teeth get dark?

The reason for this is not only the plaque, which qualitatively copes with ordinary hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day, use a conditioner, and if necessary, a dental floss, enough for proper care. But the teeth are daily found not only with a touch but also with numerous dyes present in our way of life and in food.

The most common enemy of teeth whiteness is coffee. After it goes smoking, after – strong black tea. Red ink, pomegranate juice, red sour berries have not less coloring agents. All of them affect the enamel, penetrating into its structure. Thus, the pigmentation occurs not on the surface, but inside. And grayish or yellowish shade to eliminate the usual toothpaste is impossible. We recommend you to use charcoal toothpaste instead of general toothpaste.

How to prevent tooth pigmentation

A harbinger of the question of how to whiten the teeth at home should be a list of actions to prevent their darkening. Their compliance is often enough to avoid resorting to other, more aggressive methods.

  • After eating and drinking coffee (tea) rinse your mouth with water or a special rinse aid. Wear a small bottle with you in your purse for work.
  • Drink as much water as possible. It will not allow the pigmentation to occur on the surface of the teeth, the bacteria will wash away.
  • Eat hard fruits and vegetables – apples, cucumbers, carrots. They gently remove plaque from the surface of the teeth, not allowing them to darken.
  • Avoid strong dyes – mulberries, cherries, blueberries. Juices of red berries and fruits drink through a straw.
  • Smoke as little as possible, but better completely give up cigarettes.

The simplest and most affordable solution, how you can whiten your teeth at home, is using activated charcoal.

Activated carbon

Acts like an abrasive, removing the coating from the enamel. An abrasive that does not have a negative effect on the mucous membranes and gums. Cleaning is carried out by a powder from tablets of the activated coal, preliminary mashed in fine crumb. To the powder should be added a few drops of water, and the resulting gruel brush your teeth without using a toothbrush. In the same way as with soda, type it on a finger or cotton swab and walk on the surface of the teeth. Read more http://www.westbrookdentalstudio.com/home-teeth-whitening-charcoal/

Disadvantages of activated carbon:

  • The appearance of scratches on the enamel. Minimizing the consequences allows the grinding of the tablets to completely homogeneous mass, without large inclusions;
  • Black marks on the gums and between the teeth. Get rid of them the usual rinsing with water does not help, so you need to use a toothpick. Do not plan bleaching with activated charcoal when hurrying somewhere.

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