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So you’ve been invited to a summer party but don’t know what to wear? Fear not; from finding the perfect smart-casual balance whilst remaining comfortable to choosing prints, colours and what to do about heels, we have the essential guide.


Even in August, a garden party may start warm, but you’ll need something to wear as evening draws in. A shawl, white denim jacket or brightly coloured blazer are three excellent choices.

Go green

It was Pantone’s colour of the year 2017 but it has hit the high street with vigour this year and greenery (a vibrant green a shade lighter than shamrock green) is the perfect choice for a garden party. And don’t worry about blending into the scenery, not when you can choose from this year’s eye-catching cuts such as an asymmetric number or a dress with puffy shoulders.

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Go floral

The perfect solution that literally never goes out of fashion and is ideal for a garden party. Despite being a classic choice, floral prints do evolve each season. This year it’s all about bright colours and large prints. Florals are not limited to dresses either but look great on a skirt, trousers or shirt.

Striking the balance

Not every garden party is equal, and you will need to choose your outfit depending on who is hosting and where it is. A BBQ at your brother’s place is not the same as a garden party at Buckingham Palace. AssumIng most garden parties will fall somewhere between the two, the best option is to go for something semi-formal (i.e trousers not jeans) and something with at least some tailoring i.e a lined shift dress over a beach sundress or Farah Shirts like the ones at https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah  for a man.

Now you know what to wear to your party, you also need to think about what to bring. A bottle of chilled prosecco and some homemade cupcakes will go down well with any host worrying about running out of either!


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