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There are active charcoal toothpastes. It is a type of paste that comes pre-mixed and makes tooth whitening much less complicated. Simply apply the paste on the brush, as if it were your usual paste, and brush as usual. Some people also prefer a toothpaste because of its familiar taste and texture.

Activated charcoal formula works to eliminate bad breath and stains from smokers and coffee or tea drinkers. It does not contain any added substance. It is 100% activated charcoal . According to the manufacturer, it is not abrasive, which protects dental enamel from wear. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, its use is recommended twice a day, for 3-4 minutes.

The reviews indicate the importance of following the manufacturer’s instructions for better results. They also emphasize its ease of use, pleasant taste and its short-term effectiveness.

Homemade activated charcoal toothpaste

If you recognize the convenience of using a paste with activated charcoal but prefer to do it yourself, you can buy the activated charcoal and mix it with the toothpaste of your preference for batches, or according to your needs.

You can make a thick paste with powder and water, although some people prefer to use coconut oil for its anti-bacterial properties. You can store the pasta in a small container or an airtight container for one or two weeks.

Dental brushes with active charcoal

The charcoal brushes are not really made of the mineral itself, but their bristles are impregnated with it. The brush, therefore, takes some of the absorption properties to remove bacteria and plaque from your teeth.

There is no scientific evidence to show its effectiveness in cleaning and whitening teeth. However, they will not cause you any harm if you use them as a supplement to your toothpaste or charcoal powder for your teeth.

Many varieties come with ecological handles, bamboo handles or biodegradable, but you can also find them available with plastic handles. You can even find an activated charcoal toothbrush head that fits your Oral-B electric toothbrush, but for now they are available only in the US and the UK.

Bleaching strips

Another way to use active charcoal to whiten teeth is to use whitening strips. They are not the most effective way to bleach but they can do something for you.

While traditional bands contain peroxide, some varieties use the properties of active charcoal to remove stains. It is a gentle way to achieve results, especially for sensitive teeth.

They come in packs of 14 strips and the manufacturer recommends two sessions of 30 minutes of treatment per day. However, some reviews speak of users who only use it once a day and still notice the difference.

The package includes a guide of different shades of white with which you can verify the progress of your whitening. Strips can remove surface stains, but any bleaching effect will probably disappear when you stop using them. Another option is to use a set just when you want to have your teeth bright, for example if you have an appointment or special event.


You can use activated charcoal on your teeth in the form of powder, toothpaste, or whitening strips. There are benefits and disadvantages to each of these products, so experiment to see which works best for you. One of its great advantages is the low price in relation to its benefits.

Keep in mind that the only way you have to whiten natural and deep stains of your teeth is with a chemical whitening, like your dentist. But this, of course, is more expensive and at a lower price you could buy a home whitening kit and get good results.

Above all remember that the best way to keep your teeth clean and healthy is by visiting your dentist or your hygienist regularly. If you have oral health problems, any bleaching treatment could aggravate it if you do not have the proper care and it could cause you more pain or sensitivity.

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