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Cold sores, the enemy of summer and colds. Do you know what it is, why it comes out and what can we do when it comes out or so that it does not appear?

The cold sores is a virus that remains latent in our body, usually it is usually herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1). If we have it once, we will always have it, but it does not always produce blisters. It remains as “hidden” in the body and appears again according to a series of circumstances.

When does herpes appear?

Cold sores can appear for several reasons. Remember that we have it in the body but it is latent, and if the best circumstances are given for it to come out, it comes out. Examples of this would be situations of lowering defenses (you can increase your defenses), when we have a fever, if it is too hot or cold (if there are sudden changes in temperature) or if we just stressed. All that can help herpes appear again. That’s why they tend to appear more in summer, due to exposure to the sun.

In addition, you have to remember something very important, it is contagious, so when it appears better to avoid kissing or sharing utensils such as towels, toothbrushes, handkerchiefs, lipsticks … You see, you can always use patches to avoid transmitting herpes to another person and that also help to treat it. If we use them since the appearance of herpes, it helps to heal faster, preventing it from growing and thus healing before.

cold sores

How to eliminate herpes?

Acyclovir cream should be used, always putting it 5 times a day to make it work. Before and after each application, you have to wash your hands! Remember that it is contagious by contact. Acyclovir is among the best antivirals for the therapy of herpes simplex tant type 1 as type 2.

Prevention is better than cure!

Although it seems to be something almost impossible to prevent the truth is that if we maintain the defenses of our body high and maintain certain standards of hygiene, we will not let herpes out.

  • We should try to avoid situations of stress or sudden changes in temperature.
  • When we have to come the period or we become sick it would be good to supplement with products that increase our defenses.
  • It is advisable to use a lip balm with sunscreen every day.
  • Sleep 7 or 8 hours a day, and rest well.
  • And if we do not buy glasses or drinks better to avoid possible contagion by contact. And the same thing when we go to kiss someone, to see if there is or not herpes before kissing him.
  • The injuries should not be touched with the hands, and when applying the cream or the patch it should always be with clean hands. When we finish applying them we must also wash our hands.

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