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Freeing the body from the fearful water retention is not an impossible mission. We can prevent the tendency of body tissues to hold liquids, constantly following all the advice to obtain visible results from the first month.

Here’s what to do …


The most the first real way to eliminate excess water is to drink even more. To be precise, a liter and a half a day. Maybe integrating with teas and infusions with draining power. When choosing which water to drink, however, it is necessary to evaluate: its percentage of but also its ph. It is in fact shown that water with a pH close to 7 is the ideal anti-retention because it manages to keep body acidity under control, which, if too high, hinders diuresis.


It starts from the normal cooking salt that should be replaced with a hyposodium product, better if iodized, on sale at the pharmacy or at the supermarket. The real secret to “remove” the salt, however, remains to re-establish the palate with more sciapi flavors. Getting back to the original taste of food is the first step to combat retention. Spices and herbs can be very well integrated in this new anti-swelling style.


Combat retention at the table you can. Choose foods based on fiber (fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains) that regulate the intestine, prevent swelling and bring minerals that encourage diuresis (fruit: pineapple, red fruit, citrus fruits, watermelon, cherries, bananas. asparagus, cucumber, chicory, radicchio) Help yourself with the consumption of herbal teas and solutions based on draining herbs.

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Aerobic sport (especially fast walking, running, striding, skating), as well as burning calories, reactivates the circulation and consequently hinders stagnation. Yoga, on the other hand, is specific against swelling and water retention, provided that the positions are correctly performed. Water sports, swimming but especially water aerobics and hydrobike, are recommended, because the massage that develops has a good draining effect. When summer comes, there is nothing better than walking every day for 15 minutes, with legs in the sea.


Creams, if used consistently and with circular and insistent massages, can promote drainage of liquids. You prefer those with a salt base but also mud with algae. A home remedy from a real spa? Immerse yourself in warm water where you have dissolved a pound or two of coarse salt, for at least 20 minutes, at least a couple of times a week. Even the professional massage, such as the classic hand lymphatic drainage or the pressotherapy with machinery, performed in a good beauty center and with at least a cycle of 10 sessions plus maintenance, gives good results in terms of silhouette.

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