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Do not know how to manage everything? Is there no time for anything? Come to us – we will teach you to manage your time! Proper time management is the golden key to future success!

There is no such thing that someone has less or more time – all are given the same amount of time. But, there is one problem, not everyone can correctly plan their time, and this negatively affects the fate of a person.

You need to understand and cut yourself once and for always one truth: Time is money! There is no sense in spending a day – never again, time goes forever and irretrievably! I want you to think about this statement! I want you to gather all your will power into a fist – and boldly stepped forward, built your own time management strategy!

Remember, never regret the past, about wasted time, about unfinished business – act this very minute, do not regret the past – this cannot be returned!

Dear readers, I strongly want each of you to finally become a full-fledged master of your time, your life! It is your life and your time – belongs only to you and no one dares to dispose of and poke you about your personal time!

Try to look at your life from the outside! I’m sure that you have left unfinished business, not achieved goals, which stretch from the past. And why? Why did you not achieve this before?

Are you going to tell me now that there was not enough time to reach them, or have not you thought about your time management yet? – BRED! I do not believe! These are only your excuses!

Think about it, no person on the whole planet is allowed to spend more than 24 hours a day – even rich and powerful people will not increase their time in any way, they are given the same amount of time as you are!

We are all on an equal footing! Everyone has 24 hours and a point! And now look back and tell me: “What have you already done? What could you achieve? Or are you still living an excuse? “

I advise everyone not to waste their valuable time in the empty to view ridiculous and stupid TV series, to entertaining computer games (which are dragged headlong into the virtual world), to talk on the phone for half a day!

Learn to say NO to people who steal from you your time with your whining about life problems, say NO things that do not do any good!

Life will run very quickly, you will not have time to look back as you will be old and helpless! Then you will regret it, and you will not be able to return time … So, how to organize your day and effectively learn how to manage your time?

How correctly to distribute it? How to learn to dispose of it, so that you have enough time for your favorite pastime? Immediately I’ll tell you a secret – time management will always be 24 hours a day, so you do not!

If you hope that once there in the distant future free time will be more – you are mistaken! Always in your life there will be urgent business for which you will need to spend a decent amount of time – and it will always be so.

The older you become, the more time management you will be required to solve working and family matters: the upbringing of children, work, family, looking after old parents, etc.!

Here on pension you will just have more free time, but alas … You cannot do what you could with speed and excitement in your youth in your old age!

What we have today is the result of what we did in the past and what time we spent on it! Let’s take another person who used to be very sorry for himself and did not deal with the structure of business, but simply spent his time ineptly! At the moment, he is working for someone to survive – and this is the majority problem!

Effective tips for time management!

Time Management

1) Write down in your notebook what matters are stealing from you time!

In detail, try to paint on what exactly takes you a lot of time, what kind of things – analyze!

If you see that you spend a lot of time in the empty and it is not enough for more important things – think about it and change the situation!

2) Constantly work on yourself!

The most difficult task for everyone is to fight against yourself!

Sometimes it’s so hard to pull yourself together and get something done!

Here, for example, you came from work and inspired yourself that you were very tired that you did not want anything, that you just wanted to lie down and watch TV – although at that moment you should get ready for English courses or go for fitness.

That’s at such moments and tested the strength of the will of man!

Success is achieved only by those who know how to organize themselves, to force, switch to a positive wave.

I’ll tell you honestly, I do not know such people who would have achieved a stunning success and recognition lying on the couch with a remote control in their hands!

3) Make a clear plan of your affairs for a day, a week, a month!

With the help of such a plan and a list of such cases, for which you spend a huge amount of your time – you can navigate through which cases you can buy a little time for more meaningful classes!

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4) Often think about your future!

Think about what you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years?

What exactly will you do in the future? What will not it be worth spending your time on?

Someone will see their future in routine office work, the other will clearly know how he wants to build his business, the third one – work will be connected with travel, the fourth will see himself on the couch watching movies … .у each in different ways.

5) Combine business with pleasure!

Every person has the very things that do not bring him joy, but you cannot do without such things, especially if they are tightly connected with health!

If, for example, you decide to do morning jogs – combine them with listening to your favorite business book! Normal sports can be combine with viewing an exciting transfer.

From this it turns out that on the one hand you get tremendous pleasure, and on the other – you are doing a useful job!

This way, you will have extra time for something else.

6) Fight with your laziness!

Do not let the laziness wrap yourself in your arms, do not let her brazenly steal your time!

Remember – the time that you have already lowered – will never return!

Do not use your time mindlessly – uselessly spent time – will badly affect your future!

Be sure to check the schedule about time management.

Do you recognize yourself?

7) Do not rush to extremes!

There are people who completely limit themselves in everything: from communication with friends, from listening to music, from rest, from going to the cinema – while setting a goal to achieve high results!

Also what as a result it turns out?

That a man has completely given up his youth for the sake of recognition, completely erasing from his life all the joys of being.

Such people are stealing their own lives!

They will no longer be able to buy for their earned money those years, that peak of enjoyment of life.

Life – a very beautiful and interesting thing, you need to be able to enjoy it, but in moderation!

Always keep a balance between useful and enjoyable!

8) Watch the pastime of successful people!

Wealthy people very often pay someone only for the fact that others decide for them their everyday problems, in order to find time management for more important things, for example, for training!

Be sure to take an example from them!

9) Try to do things in advance!

Remember the wise proverb: “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!”

I certainly do not force you to run ahead of the tram and do everything that only comes to your hand, no!

You must understand for yourself that there are such days – when there is nothing to do, and there are even days that do not even have a couple of seconds to raise your head – so overwhelmed with work!

That’s why I’m offering you and freeing you in the future a bit of free time for yourself – partly by doing the future work.

10) Do not delay everything at the last minute!

Very often people say to themselves the phrase: “Ahhh, I do not want to load myself with this business, I’ll do it tomorrow!”

The next day comes tomorrow and again you football this business the next day and so it continues until the very moment when URGENT you need to fulfill this task!

Distribute your business!

Be able to divide your assignments into categories: important and urgent, important and not urgent, not important and urgent, not important and not urgent – you will list what and when you need to do it.

People who constantly postpone their business for later will never be successful!

Do you realize that you have a weak self-discipline, 80% of your time you’re lazy to do something useful, and then scold yourself for it and so it goes on forever?

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