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If you seek to have a sound sleep at night, you must try certain things to avoid before sleep. Although we have times when sleep is a task without any difficulty, there will always be times when the time to go to bed is synonymous with anxiety. We all know the benefits of a good night’s sleep and the consequences of sleeping badly or incompletely. So ensuring a good rest is one of the most important things we should seek for the health of the body and mind.

What are the things to avoid before sleep

things to avoid before sleep


Use cell phone or computer

US scientists have shown that light from tablets, smartphones and computers suppresses melatonin levels, thus altering the biological clock. If it is absolutely essential that you use some of these devices before sleeping, you can dim the screen as much as possible, or download the F.lux application, which gives a warmer color to the screen.

Also, it is important that you separate yourself from the outside world when it is time to sleep. Say goodbye to work, text messages and social networks because it’s time to rest.

Eat excessively

Eating to sleep better is possible: you do not need large amounts of food to survive until breakfast. Things to avoid before sleep are meats, grains, and heavy creams. You can eat a salad, a sandwich or an omelet with vegetables. If you go to bed with a very full stomach, it could take much longer to fall asleep, besides waking up earlier than expected, feeling very sick to your stomach.

Have difficult discussions or conversations

Book it for the next day. The night fights are the worst ally of the dream. You will end up going to bed sad, tired and worried. Your agitated mind will not give you peace and you will do nothing but go around. If you manage to fall asleep, the rest may not be deep and may be choppy. Remember, a rough discussion or conversations are kind of things to avoid before sleep.

things to avoid before sleep

Take caffeine and theine

For many people, coffee is delicious and many people would love to have one when they finish working. But that would be a very bad decision. If you think that changing from coffee to tea and you are safe, think twice. Most teas contain high levels of theine, another stimulant from the same family. Although the effect of tea is not so powerful and immediate in our body, it is more durable than that of a cup of coffee. Better opt for infusions to sleep well.

Watch horror or action movies

Finish the day watching something relaxing is, in fact, something positive. However, you have to take into account the type of film, since those of intrigue, action or fear can alter you instead of reassuring you. Those are the things to avoid before sleep. Choose calm and not very long movies. The feeling after having finished it will make you happy and you will sleep like a baby once you are finished.

Drink much liquid

If you do, it is likely that you get up at night repeatedly to go to the bathroom and that if we drink water just before bedtime we will not be providing the body with the daily rest it needs since the kidney will continue working to filter the liquid. The best is to drink 2 hours before going to bed so that the kidneys can do their job before going to sleep.

Take work to bed

It may seem like a good idea to take the file folder that you should check with the bed. But your bed should be a place that makes you think of rest, not work. In the same way, try not to think about work or the agenda of the next day when you are lying down. Your mind may begin to wander and get lost in worries.

things to avoid before sleep

Eat sugar

Things to avoid before sleep are taking sugar or any other sweet. Taking sugar before bed is harmful since it is a stimulating substance of the nervous system. The body is able to metabolize sugar very quickly so it will quickly pass into the blood so that a high level of adrenaline will be produced. This causes that the person stays much more awake and excited. The reason why to conciliate the dream will be much more complicated. Opt for a glass of milk, a yogurt or a low-fat cheese ration simply if you need to drink before bedtime

To sleep well and without interruption, you have to be relaxed. To achieve this we must turn the room into a peaceful and uncluttered environment and the time to go to bed in a moment of relaxation and rest. One of the conditions to be able to sleep is to be able to disconnect from the worries, the responsibilities and the activity of every day.

Did you know…

In Asia, Europe, and the United States, sleeping opium was used. This practice continued until the mid-twentieth century in many countries and is still current in some regions of Asia.

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