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Between the purposes of the New Year, and already entered into January, many of us aim to continue improving our physical shape and appearance day by day. For that reason and to achieve it, in this post we want to give some tips so that the thing is even simpler for a gym in 2019.

First of all, it is necessary to keep in mind that perseverance is one of the main points to take into account when it comes to achieving good objectives in terms of training. But also the way to do it, and follow some tricks will help us achieve our goals.

Success in training can be achieved in many ways, but planning and taking into account a series of guidelines will help us to do it better.

Next, we want to stop in some tips that will help us to improve our physical form considerably through training. Specifically, we will highlight 10 tips of all kinds that will help us train better and acquire better habits to achieve visible results.

Set realistic goals

In the first place, we are going to stop at a council that we should always keep in mind. With the arrival of the New Year, the new goals are set. Precisely those goals are the ones we must take into account. It is not bad to fix them, but they must be above all realistic and with possibilities of attainment. Check this content on the waist, how to make your waist look smaller.

One of the main problems of abandonment in training is frustration. Precisely this happens when we expect more than what we are really going to achieve or what we are capable of achieving. It is necessary that we know each other, we know the time that we are going to dedicate to training and first of all we set small goals that we reach little by little.

As we said before, the achievement of objectives is directly linked to perseverance, and therefore it is better to set ourselves as a goal to train, to carry out activities that we like and that motivates us to move forward.

Setting a series of goals and choosing an activity that we like will help us a lot when it comes to improving in training.

The activity that we carry out should please us

Precisely this point is the second tip that we want to highlight. Always the activity that we are going to select has to be one that suits our tastes. It will do us no good to force ourselves to run if what we like is to dance for example.

When forced to perform a physical activity what we get will go the first days and even months, but in the long run, we will find some excuse to stop doing this activity. That is why it is always better to train to do something that we really like.

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Going to train with a training partner

Another point that we are going to take into account and that we will highlight in third place, and that is closely linked to making training more enjoyable and achieving better goals, is to go to train with a training partner. The lifelong gym partner will be a good tool to help each other and be more effective.

The training partner will help us to evolve and together we can vary the routines more easily and control the correct performance of the exercises of the other

Training with another person will help us improve routines. Between the two of us, we will force ourselves and motivate ourselves to vary the routines and always try to progress in the exercises we are going to carry out. Therefore, it is important that when choosing, we should compare ourselves, since we should have more or less the same level, and if this were not the case, it is important that the one who knows least learn from the one who knows the most.

In addition, the training partners must share schedules and training space, because if not, the relationship will only last and maybe that both fail in their goals and training this 2019.

Vary the routines to get better results

Fourth, we are going to stop at the routines. A piece of good advice is to vary them. As has always been said, “taste is the variety”. For this reason, it is important not only for several routines in the usual way, but that it will be advisable to achieve different types of training or activity.

For example, it is advisable to follow a training line as far as muscle groups and parts of this are concerned. For this, we have different exercises at our disposal. Knowing them and being able to play with them and alternate is appropriate. In addition, we can insert more conventional muscle-building exercises with others of high intensity at intervals, others focused more on aerobic activity …

With this what we will achieve will be to prevent the muscles from getting used to the fact that we always work them in the same way. Surprising them through the different movements that we are going to carry out will be the most appropriate to continue evolving in training.

Correct completion of the exercises in each routine

Fifth, we will emphasize the importance of the correct performance of the exercises. Knowing the different movements and routines will be appropriate. For this, it is necessary that we take care of the position in each exercise and know which muscle group we are going to work, in order to concentrate on the group in question and thus improve the results.

A correct execution will always be much better than using loads that are too high. This is one of the main problems that arise when training. Many times we launch ourselves to raise fast of weight in the exercises, risking its correct execution, and with it the results that we are going to obtain. Therefore this will be one of the points that we will always keep in mind and that should prevail in our training every day.

The time of training should never be excessive

The sixth point in which we are going to stop is the time of training. In this case, less is more, that is, we should not see ourselves immersed in endless draconian routines. We must not forget that we are not machines and that our muscles can suffer from an excess of training.

It is also true that we should not stay short, that is, with performing a routine around an hour in which we perform a variety of about four different exercises for a muscle group, it will be more than enough. It is true that it is necessary that when we train we must do it conscientiously, and the quality will weigh more than quantity.

The same thing will happen with other types of routines, it is not advisable to overdo it, because we can achieve muscular stress that will end up being counterproductive, since instead of developing, what we will do is that they suffer, take longer to recover and we are much less effective at the time of training again. Not to mention that the risk of injury is greater in this way.

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The importance of rest to keep evolving

The seventh tip we want to highlight is the importance that rest has in all training. As we have said before, you should never over-train the muscles. You should always have the idea that perseverance is essential in sport, and you cannot achieve everything in a single day, or even in a short period of time.

For this reason, the planning of the routine is essential to delimit the muscle groups that we are going to work and in order. Of course, leaving in between at least a few days until training the same muscle group again. This rest will help us recover damaged fibers with training and thus achieve a correct evolution in training.

Just as we must respect the days between workouts, we also have to rest day by day. Sleeping properly at least seven hours a day will be essential in order to achieve a perfect daily rest and be able to perform adequately in daily workouts.

Stretching as a way to recover quickly from workouts

In eighth place, we will highlight stretching as a way to accelerate muscle recovery and improve body flexibility. It is always important that we reserve a few minutes after training to stretch since in this way we will contribute to relax the muscles and thus increase the blood flow in them.

Stretching will help muscles stay flexible and in top shape. In addition, increasing the irrigation will accelerate the reception of nutrients and with it the recovery after a workout. Do not forget that by stretching we will achieve that the tendons are also much less stressed and saturated. It goes without saying that by keeping tendons and muscles more flexible and less rigid, we will increase the flexibility of the body and with it the range of movements that we will develop.

Precisely this range of movement will help us to execute the routines better and improve the route of all the movements that we have to carry out. In addition, by recovering before by stretching, we will also reduce the stiffness, perform more, and with it, improve the results little by little.

Always reach the maximum of our possibilities at the time of training

In ninth place, we will highlight a point that we cannot forget, and that is that we must always keep in mind to reach the maximum of our possibilities. As we have said before, we should not overdo it, but neither should we fall short. For this, we can count on the help of the training partner that will help us to get the most out of each day.

When we say to reach the maximum we refer to get a concentration of fibers that allows us to grow with training. That the training takes us to the maximum intensity we can reach is a principle that we cannot ignore.

To arrive at the failure in many exercises is not the best alternative, but to alternate series with a high load, with others with less load is a good way to improve the results. With this example that we highlight we will achieve a greater concentration of tension and a more intense work of the fibers in each training session that we carry out.

Food, one of the essential pillars in muscle evolution

Lastly, and as the tenth tip, and no less important, let’s focus on food. This point is one of the most important in achieving results. By training the muscles the stress we generate in them will demand more nutrients for their recovery.

To achieve this, what we must take care of are the amounts of proteins that we are going to consume. When exercising, the muscles will require more nutrients to generate new fibers. Therefore, the contribution of this nutrient will be fundamental.

Do not forget that carbohydrates are essential in the diet of an athlete, because the body gets the energy of glucose that releases this nutrient. Of course, it is necessary to know how to correctly choose hydrates. If we are going to carry out an explosive activity, we probably need quick assimilation hydros to obtain immediate energy. But in the case of wanting to recover from a workout and to maintain adequate glucose levels, what we will do is consume complex hydrates of slow assimilation.

Fats should not be left out of the diet, which happens that those that we are going to ingest will be of polyunsaturated or unsaturated origin. Other saturated fats such as those from coconut oil will be beneficial to achieve a perfect nutritional balance, important when it comes to increasing our muscle mass.

Food as natural as possible and healthy will serve us to evolve in training. In addition, maintaining an organism with an adequate supply of nutrients will be a good way to build strong muscles. For this, we must respect all the meals, which we will divide into breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack, and dinner … The number of meals will be equitable to have a constant supply of glucose and avoid irregular curves of the levels throughout the day.

These 10 points will help us to achieve a better performance of the pieces of training and better results when it comes to evolving in this New Year. It is true that flexibility is good, but perseverance is the basis of all results and success.

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