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Most of the time we focus our New Year’s resolutions on financial or labor objectives, but we don’t want to bother ourselves to think: “How to take care of my health?” In this article; you will see some effective tips on how to take care of your health this year.

 take care of your health

Tips to take care of your health

To make an effective change we have to be realistic, recommends Vivian Sádovitch, nutritionist and member of the Silk welfare council. We do not need to make a radical change but start a gradual change of actions that allow us to follow a routine throughout the year.

“A correct diet, frequent exercise, rest and avoiding stress are good health habits that definitely have a positive impact on health, energy and, therefore, on the state of mind,” the specialist points out.

What can I do to take care of my health?

Knowing how to take care of your health is fundamental when it comes to setting size and feeding goals. But these are just a couple of keys; it requires other factors to feel completely good.

 take care of your health

Consume a low sugar diet

After the holiday season, it is normal that we have a few extra lbs, which is why we should take care of ourselves a little more. “The first thing I recommend is not to exceed in December and try to moderate what we eat. But if we already spent a little, as with Christmas expenses, we will have to take care in January what we spent in December, “explains Sádovitch.

Having a meal plan low in sugars and white cereals will be a winning idea. In addition, this type of diet decreases anxiety, according to what the specialist explained.

Take care of your health by a balanced diet

One of the purposes to start the year in a better way is to know what we eat. Starting to analyze our foods, see which ones can affect our heart and identify which ones help us control cholesterol will be small practices that will benefit our health.

“Almonds are good fats; they contain omegas that help us lower our cholesterol. They are high in fiber, which helps cleanse our bodies, and they are rich in magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, “explained Vivian, who recommends starting to include almond milk in our diet. If we also add fruits and vegetables in our daily consumption of food we can begin to have more control over the food that enters our body.

Do exercise

According to the specialist, the best way to activate you is by exercising regularly. She suggests walking or running 20 to 30 minutes a day, or practicing a sport, the idea is to take care of your health.

“Planning sports activities with family or friends will always be more rewarding and will make us happier,” says Sádovitch.

 take care of your health

Sleep well

Although at Christmas the pace of work slows a little, we have more social activities. Dinners, meetings in the office or extra outings that alter our sleep and cause fatigue in this time. Therefore, it is important that you recover from all these sleepless nights and make it sleep well.

Remember that sleep also affects our mood. One of the consequences of not sleeping well is that we risk our health, increasing the likelihood of suffering heart disease, as well as hypertension. If you want to take care of your health, you must follow a disciplined routine that could help you.

Do not stress

Another purpose to start the year that we usually forget is the one that has to do with stress. In this time we live very fast, there is stress at work, in transport and sometimes at home, so we can start to avoid it.

If you put many challenges at the beginning of the year you can start to suffer stress, so work on them gradually. In addition, there are certain escape routes that we can use, such as practicing yoga or attending relaxation therapies. The idea is that our stress levels are low and thus reduce anxiety.

If you start changing habits with these tips, you may take care of your health better at end of the year. Focus but do not fall into overexertion, it is better to go little by little but surpassing the goals of the year.

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