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Here we have 5 healthy tips to start right away to get back in shape and live better.

In anticipation of the summer we must start right away to follow good habits to keep fit. Not to mention sport and to make movement every day, here are some tips to get back into shape that maybe over time can become a real lifestyle.

Balanced meals

The starving diets are not good, we will be persecuted by hunger every moment!

The advice is to balance meals alternating carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins for get back in shape. Avoid the carbohydrates in the evening, choose them preferably whole and seasoned with vegetables. Fruit at will but far away or out of the meal, yes to proteins, useful for building muscles, feeling full and burning fat, and to be taken in all meals, varying between those animals and vegetables.

get back in shape

Do not eat fast

It is a mistake that many people commit because of hunger, stress and simply because of lack of time. Eating out is not good! It is necessary to chew slowly and for a long time, a very important practice both to digest better and to feel more easily satisfied.

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Water or salad before meals

If your problem is that you never feel satisfied, a trick is always to start the meal with a large glass of natural water that will immediately give you a sense of satiety. Or try a salad, so you will avoid binging at the arrival of the dish.

Adjust meal-sleep times

Very important is also the time that must pass between a meal and the time when we go to sleep. In fact, it takes at least three hours for digestion to take place. So you will avoid sleeping badly at night due to poor digestion.

Sleep well

Quality sleep undoubtedly also affects physical fitness. It is necessary to sleep at least seven or eight hours a night so that the body can rest at its best and regain its energy.

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