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Caring for your feet is always important. They are the ones who bear all our weight, those who exert the impact against the ground and those who allow us to be able to walk, run, dance and jump. So, from time to time, taking care of them is important to relax and relax them.

For this, nothing better than the spa pedicure, a type of beauty and personal care treatment that takes care of your feet in great detail. This is a different option to a pedicure on foot since, while one is only in charge of caring and painting the nails. The other offers a more intensive treatment designed to relax the muscles of the area to the fullest and reduce tensions. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

In this post, we will discover what the spa pedicure is so that you know this treatment so necessary for the proper functioning of our body. In addition, we will also discover the basic differences that exist with respect to a conventional pedicure.

What is pedicure spa – find out!

It is nothing new for society to take care of the health and well-being of its feet. In fact, the Bible shows how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as a sign of humility. During the Roman Empire, we are also aware that there was interest in the care of this part of the body. In fact, there was a person, especially in charge of it.

Currently, the care of this part of our body is still important. For this reason, there are pedicure treatments that aim to clean and improve the appearance of both the foot and nails. However, this sector has evolved. In addition to superficial care, our feet also need to eliminate the accumulated tension throughout the week, relax. So, you can reduce all kinds of discomfort pains.

The pedicure spa is this branch of the pedicure that is responsible for offering intensive treatment to take care of our foot deeply. It not only focuses on improving your appearance but also on providing relaxing treatments. It improve blood flow, relax muscles and renew tissues. Visit Manhattan laser hair removal to get the best care of hair removal.

Main differences between spa pedicure and normal pedicure

Now that you know what the spa pedicure is let’s discover the basic differences from the normal pedicure. So, you understand why you should also give your feet a break with this treatment. Attentive!

Normal pedicure focuses on treating cuticles, filing, cleaning and painting nails

The spa pedicure also includes this treatment but also includes other ones designed to improve foot health

A normal pedicure can be considered a beauty treatment

On the other hand, the spa is considered a wellness treatment that improves foot health, activates circulation and reduces tensions.

What is usually done in a spa pedicure?

For this, baths of aromatic salts and essential oils that provide nutrients and great benefits to the skin of this area are usually performed. The oils provide sedative effects to our body and, therefore, will improve circulation, relax and ensure. After treatment, the foot will look like new. Among the oils most used by pedicurists include lavender, mint or geranium. They have relaxing and aromatic properties.

During this treatment, the skin of the area is also exfoliated to reduce any dead skin or cell. In addition, it is possible to remove all the dirt by betting on a completely clean foot and free of bacteria. This procedure also manages to reduce the spots that we may have in the area.

In the spa pedicure, you can also practice relaxing foot massages made with essential oils that also aim to eliminate accumulated tensions, improve circulation and drain the retention of liquids. It may be in the area. With these pressure techniques, we can relax our whole body. Remember, on the soles of the feet, we have 2000 nerve endings.

Vinylux spa pedicure

The moment you detect that your feet show some signs of aging such as sunspots, skin dryness, wrinkles, etc. It is because they need intensive treatment such as spa pedicures. In this case, we will take care of rejuvenating this area of ​​the foot by treating it intensively and removing the cuticles, exfoliating dead skin, performing a rejuvenating mask, a relaxing massage. Finally, care and painting of nails with Vinylux enamel, long-lasting.

Shellac spa pedicure

We also have this other treatment to take care of foot health. It includes the same cuticle treatment, skin exfoliation, repair mask, foot massage and, finally, nail care and nail polish. The basic difference is that, in this treatment, you can use Shellac semi-permanent enameling. So, you will have perfect feet throughout the month.

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