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If you have skin that is prone to acne, or if you already have it, then this soap is just made for you! A balanced combination of oils in the recipe allows you to use this soap to care for any type of skin.

The amazing activated charcoal soap that helps the owners of fat, problem skin. This soap, which I called simply black for its rich glossy black color. But this is not the main thing. Its secret is in the magic effect on the skin. No magic! The whole point is in its specially selected composition, which is able to effectively deal with the problems of oily and problem skin of the face.

It turns out that activated charcoal cleanses not only the stomach! If you have a problem, oily skin with enlarged pores and black dots, acne, then get acquainted with activated charcoal soap. It helps to cleanse pores from contamination, removes old dead cells and excess sebum, and collects bacteria. The skin becomes smoother. Soap has a scraping effect due to crushed activated charcoal.

It does not contain fragrances and dyes, which is very important for the already irritated and sensitive skin. Activated charcoal soap slightly dries the skin, thereby reducing the hated greasy luster. In the composition of soap, in addition to activated charcoal, essential oils of lavender, tea tree and peppermint are the best natural remedies with soothing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. Sea buckthorn oil softens, tones up, nourishes, and increases the elasticity of the skin.

If you are close to the problem of caring for problematic and oily skin, then definitely try activated charcoal soap, and you will see for yourself its beneficial effects. This is the first step of caring for such skin, on which the skin is best prepared for further care. After all, without effective cleansing, the skin will not fully absorb the cream, lotions and other products that you will then apply to the face.

To use it easily and simply – soak the soap and massage their face. By the way, the aroma of this soap is so nice!


  • Hemp oil 206 gr. (19%)
  • Palm oil 100 gr. (9%)
  • Coconut oil 200 gr. (19%)
  • Macadamia oil 301 gr. (28%)
  • Shea butter 250 gr. (24%)
  • Alkali NaOH 145.72 gr.
  • Water 348.81 gr.
  • 4 gr. essential oil of lavender
  • 2 gr. essential oil of tea tree
  • 2 tablespoons of activated charcoal
  • The final weight of soap is approximately 1.5-1.6 kg.


This soap is made in a cold way. You need to take all security measures when making soap from scratch.

Using a weight measure out the right amount of alkali and water. Then gently add alkali to the frozen water until completely dissolved. Leave it for cooling.

We weigh the oils and set them to fire. When all the oils have melted, leave to cool.

When the oil and alkaline solution is about the same temperature, mix them by adding a gradually alkaline solution to the oil. Using a blender, bring to an easy trace. Add essential oils and activated charcoal, mix and transfer to a prepared soap form from scratch. Cover the form with food film or lid and let stand for 24 hours.

Then remove the soap and cut into slices. Put in a cool, well-ventilated place for 3-6 weeks for aging.


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