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In the era of the oldest civilizations, no labor law existed – a person lived and worked according to biological laws, according to which the arrival of the dark time of the day meant a time of rest and retirement, and the sunrise marked the beginning of a new day. 

The situation did not change for centuries and millennia and almost until the beginning of the 20th century nature was the only “regulator” of people’s livelihoods. But with the development of science and the advent of the era of technology, the world began to grow ever lighter: lanterns were lit on the streets, and entire systems of artificial lighting appeared in houses and apartments. The night has lost its darkness – around the clock the cities are illuminated by the lights of advertisements, signboards, street lamps. The lights are lit round the clock in the dwelling of a man – people read, watch TV, sit at the computer monitor. But whether these changes are useful and what has given the world the victory of artificial light over darkness – let’s try to figure it out together. Keep Reading http://merchantdroid.com/reviews/memory-loss-7-tips-to-improve-memory-in-the-home/

Sleep and health

Will victory over darkness be a defeat?

Artificial lighting brought a lot of advantages to a person’s life, but along with these pluses, round-the-clock illuminations have disadvantages. And the danger of these disadvantages is that they mainly affect human health. Let’s consider the disadvantages of artificial lighting in more detail.

The human body, the most complex mechanism that nature has ever created. And while this mechanism is characterized by increased fragility and vulnerability. In the human body, various metabolic and biochemical processes are constantly occurring, as a result of which cells of tissues, natural integuments and organs are updated in a timely manner, useful hormones are produced. If at least one of these processes fails, the whole body will suffer.

The human body produces a lot of hormones and one of the most important substances of the hormonal type is melatonin. Melatonin – the hormone “responsible” for the body’s biological clock, a substance that inhibits the aging process, regulates the activity of the immune system, the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system and the brain. If the body shows a shortage of this hormone – the consequences can be the most sad.

Why so detailed a story about melatonin, if the article in this article began about the dangers of artificial lighting and the change in rhythms of human life? And to the fact that this hormone can be produced by the pineal gland of the brain only in complete darkness! Melatonin will not be produced in the presence of the slightest light – by the light from a TV or a monitor, when street lighting hits the bedroom windows. Darkness for effective production of melatonin must be absolute.

With a shortage of melatonin, the body develops a variety of pathologies – disorders of the nervous system and psyche, aging of the skin is accelerating, potency is reduced. So you need to rest in complete silence and in total darkness.

How to reduce the negative effects and ensure the full production of melatonin?

To maintain your health, you need to approach the organization of your own night rest correctly. Turn off the bedroom TVs, computers and nightlights. Cover the windows with thick curtains, which are guaranteed, do not let street light into the sleeping room. In your bedroom, the perfect darkness should reign. Having achieved complete darkness and constantly resting in the dark, you will help the body not to experience shortages in melatonin, and therefore save it from various diseases, including cancer. Sleep in the darkness will help you to keep youth, feel cheerful and full of energy.

Take care of yourself, especially since it is much easier to prevent foresight and prevent illness than to treat it.

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