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Limiting skin sports is possible, especially in view of the summer. To send them away instead, you have to act in the fall. Here are all the latest tips and treatments to combat skin spots …

Spots solar, lentigo senile freckles: In 90% of cases are due to a buildup melanin, the substance that colors the skin when it is exposed to sunlight, they appear on the neck, cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, decolletage and even on the hands.

Preventing their appearance with correct behavior in view of the summer and then, eventually erasing them in the fall, is possible with 3 cutting-edge techniques.

Why Formation?

“The skin spots – explains Professor Leonardo Celleno, dermatologist and cosmetologist of the Catholic University of Rome – generally represent ‘only’ an aesthetic problem, without risks to health, although the advice is always to keep an eye on them by undergoing visits periodic dermatologicals”.

Consider a problem of the advancing age, they can also appear on the skin of the very young, already around 20 years, due to the complicity of some factors. “The person responsible for the dark spots, contrary to what one thinks – adds the professor – is not just the sun.

Some cosmetic products, mainly perfumes or creams that may contain reactive components in the sun, also play their part; some drugs, including the contraceptive pill, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, all ‘photosensitizing’ under the effects of sunlight and because of the possible appearance of dark spots on the skin.

Finally, even hormones, especially during pregnancy, can promote the onset of pregnancy chloasma, an excessive pigmentation of the skin that colors the face like a mask with brown spots mainly located on the forehead, nose, lips and cheekbones that is in the most sensitive areas more exposed to the sun.

Skin spots

What To Do To Prevent Skin Spots?

It does not matter if you spend your holidays in the city, at the seaside or in the mountains, because the rule to protect the skin from the onset of dark spots is always the same: to do prevention. Choosing the right products first. “In the summer – recommends Celleno – it is good to use tricks that are suitable for the sun and sunscreens with filters functional to your skin type, however always with a sun protection factor (SPF) of not less than 30, which must follow, after a careful cleaning, a ‘treatment’ with a moisturizing cream that rebalances the skin’s pH in depth”.

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Often the sun, which is also responsible for the appearance of the spots, manages to hide them under the tan. But it is a temporary ‘deception’, because the spot camouflaged by the brown color of the skin reappears as soon as it bleaches. So what to do? Erasing them, but absolutely the warm and summer months when there is more light and sun, is possible, using some of the most modern ‘exfoliating’ techniques.

  • Lightening creams or specific depigmenting lotions: They are the ‘lighter’ remedy, which is however recommended by the dermatologist to eliminate small spots or more visible locations. “As a rule – the professor explains – they apply on the premises concerned in the morning and in the evening. They should be used for rather long periods, since the concentration of lightening substances allowed in cosmetics is rather bland, so the effects are seen over time”.
  • Lasers: They are the most frequently used method for the elimination of medium-sized dark spots and, depending on the type, they can work in continuous or pulsed mode. “Those of the latest generation- says Celleno – are the Q-switched lasers that can emit high frequency pulses in a very short time, thus eliminating the aesthetic problem without damaging the tissues surrounding the dark spot. The laser acts according to what we dermatologists call “selective phototremolysis”: they fragment the pigment, which has been the cause of the stain, which is then removed in the following days by macrophages, i.e. the cells present in the dermis, in a completely natural and without damage to the skin”. Depending on the size of the injury may require one or more treatment sessions, which are not reimbursed by the national health system but at the expense of the person.
  • Exfoliating peeling treatments: Can be used alone or in association with lasers. They use specific (chemical) substances able to favor, as necessary, both skin exfoliation and a stimulating effect on the restoration of dermal cells. “The most innovative formulations – concludes Celleno – contain both salicylic and pyruvic or mandelic acids that exert an exfoliating action and active ingredients such as retinol, antioxidants and plant anti-inflammatories able to ‘activate’ a regeneration of the skin, without side effects for the surrounding tissues”. The exfoliating and peeling treatment should be postponed until after the summer: they are in fact contraindicated in case of sun exposure because they are photosensitive.

The post treatment is fundamental, after any therapy for the reduce of skin spots, is the application of products containing substances that inhibit the formation of melanin and a high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, isoflavonoids, retinol that, thanks to the use of nanotechnology, slow-release with bless therapeutic and anti-aging effects.

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