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Even for those who perform activities sport, whether professional than passion, it is essential to make the right care to the skin of the face. This is before the outdoor physical activity, or after the end of the training.

In this guide we will try to understand which types of creams and devices will be appropriate to use to protect, moisturize and nourish the skin of your face, our main business card.

Protect before the training!

Who carries out running activities outside, but also other types of outdoor sports, needs specific protection for the skin of the face. This is especially true when the outside temperatures are particularly cold. It does not only apply to women, always particularly attentive to the care of this part of their body, but also to men. The temperature winter can be really annoying for the delicacy and the uniqueness of the composition of the epidermis of the face. The cold, in fact, as also explained in the articles, makes the exposed skin of the face even more vulnerable than usual; this is because the production of sebum considerably decreases, which has a natural protective function of the epidermis. As a result you will feel the skin “pull”. For the most sensitive skin you can instead feel a “pinch” and even “burning” sensation. If you do not proceed with adequate prevention and protection in the long run it will also be subject to considerable dryness of the skin and in severe cases it can reach an eczema from dehydration.

Skin Care and Sport

How to act in a protective function for sportsmen?

Fundamental must proceed, before heading out to do some exercise, by applying a good cream facial type nourishing and protective. Creams particularly rich in nutrients but not heavy, such as those used at night, will be preferred. A good protective function, and a substitute for reduced sebum due to the rigidity of temperatures, can be guaranteed by the presence of oils such as argan or similar oils. Even sportspeople who have fatter skins should not be afraid of using particularly full-bodied creams in these circumstances. If outdoor sports activity is performed during sunny hours it will be essential to use, even in winter, creams with a protective factor against UV rays. These protective factors will be recognizable, in their intensity of protection, thanks to the abbreviation spf. In addition, general steps will have to be taken such as the use of a hat or a neck cover to protect parts such as the neck and forehead. It is also important to increase the amount of water taken before training and protect the eye area through the use of sunglasses.

Facial care after training

For women who cannot give up make-up even when they do sports, it will be essential, before taking a daily shower, to completely remove make-up from the face. Subsequently effect moisturizing and sanitizing shower after training, you can proceed to the use of a good cream moisturizer for the skin. Those who have drier skin will also prefer richer creams in this context, which also have a nourishing function. It is also possible to use specific products for the face, as well as for the body, which perform a relaxing function and anti-stress for the skin, proven by the performance of physical activity. It should be added that the movement, allowing a better oxygenation of the tissues including those of the face, guarantees a greater radiance and softness of the epidermis. Thus, even on an aesthetic level, sport plays a fundamental role.

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