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The fast results of the apple diet are one of the advantages of such a diet. 7 days lost from 5 to 7 kg. These indicators depend on the age and metabolism of losing weight.

Weight loss is achieved due to the restriction of carbohydrate, fat and protein intake, as well as the removal of excess fluid from the body. This technique stimulates the body to expend energy reserves from stored body fat.

If there is not much time left before an important event, such unloading in the diet will help to get in shape and look great. You can practice this kind of food once in half a year.

Results Of The Apple Diet

The apples themselves are a low-calorie product. Per 100 grams accounts for 35 to 70 calories, depending on the variety.

During the apple diet cannot eat:

  • Any alcohol
  • Confectionery
  • Pastry Baking

Menu and results of the apple diet for 7 days:

1 day: 1 kg of apples

On the first day, you will be accompanied by a slight feeling of hunger while weight loss will be about 500 grams.

Day 2: 1.5 kg.

The result of the second day of the diet will be weight loss up to 1 kg, however, the feeling of hunger will be exacerbated since the second day is one of the most difficult.

Day 3: 2 kg of apples

On the third day, you will feel a sense of lightness associated with the start of slagging the body; nevertheless, hunger will be present, and your weight will drop somewhere per kilogram.

Day 4: 2 kg of apples

On this day, you will feel light, your body will be cleansed of toxins, your weight will change and 1 kg will be in favor of an excellent figure.

Day 5: 1.5kg apples

A feeling of lightness will not leave you, while you will get rid of the feeling of hunger, and your weight will decrease by another 1 kilogram.

Day 6: 1.5 kg.

The last days of the diet will be light due to the fact that the body entered the regime while consistently losing more than one kilogram of weight.

Day 7: 1 kg of apples.

The last day of the diet is very important – it will be the beginning of the release of weight loss of about a kilogram.

Results Of The Apple Diet

Apple diet is one type of mono-diet. The recommended period of compliance is 7 days. You should not restrict other products for a longer time, because of this, there may be a shortage of nutrients and vitamins in the body. Such changes entail a violation of the internal organs.

It is difficult to sustain a week only on some apples. Therefore, this option is suitable only for those who love them. In unlimited quantities, you can drink pure water without gas, green tea without sugar. In this mono-diet, there is no clear framework regarding the taste and color of apples. They can be red, green, and yellow. Sweet or sour choose the sort you like.

It is advisable to take vitamin complexes. Despite the fact that apples are rich in minerals and iron, you need to support your body with additional additives to the diet.

If on the 5th day it becomes difficult to control oneself, you can eat a small piece of black bread.


People with diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastritis, duodenal ulcer before starting the course should consult a doctor. Such strict food restrictions are not recommended for pregnant women and teenagers.

Kefir-apple diet is another way to quickly adjust the weight. The principle of this food system is the alternation of the days of taking the proposed products. You can diet for 9 days. During this period, weight loss is up to 9 kg.

Results Of The Apple Diet

Menu kefir-apple diet for 9 days:

  • 1-3 day: low-fat kefir (1500 ml every day)
  • 4-6 day: fresh apples (1500 g every day)
  • 7-9 day: low-fat kefir (1500 ml every day).

To facilitate the period of abstinence from ordinary food, kefir can be slightly heated and drink a glass during the day. So 1500 ml of liquid can be stretched to 7 meals.

This also applies to apples. You do not need to eat immediately all 1.5 kg. Divide this quantity into several parts. Fruits can be baked without sugar and other additives. Heat treatment will slightly change the calorie content of the fruit but will bring variety.

How to get out of the diet?

During the diet, the work of the digestive system is improving. Improves overall condition. Slags and toxins are removed. The feeling of lightness will last, and the weight will stabilize if you smoothly go out of the diet. Gradually introduce vegetable, meat broths. A few days later you can add to the diet of liquid porridge. After that, add lean meat and fish in small portions.


If during the diet there is dizziness, fatigue, pain in the joints, exacerbated chronic diseases, pain in the heart or kidneys – consult a doctor immediately.

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