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Is that crying is good for health? That is the question … For centuries it has been considered crying as a sign of weakness that moreover was not well seen in the case of men. Crying showed a fragility that could not be exposed publicly so as not to appear, in view of the contrary, to be weak and weak.

Currently, that belief has changed in large part, but despite knowing that this act should not imply any kind of embarrassment at the time of being shown, in certain cases, there is still some reluctance to do so.

Maybe it’s a question of modesty or perhaps a matter of ignorance of the multiple benefits that crying can cause.

6 reasons why crying is good for health

 crying is good for health

It reduces stress

It seems that our own body works as the best shield against the tension generated by the rhythm of life we ​​lead. And crying is a bit of that defense.

Some studies resemble the liquid we shed when we cry with the one that segregates the body when sweating and each of our tears contains a considered amount of potassium chloride, manganese, endorphins, prolactin and adrenocorticotropin, all of which cause of stress. Therefore, when we mourn we facilitate their expulsion and in this way, we contribute to reducing their quantity in our organism. Now we have evidence to say crying is good for health.

Help eliminate toxins

A dislike, a bad impression, a stressful emotional situation or pain can trigger crying and with it the release of two types of hormones (opiates and oxytocin) that act as natural anesthetic agents, benefiting, in turn, the elimination of harmful toxins.

They act as cause and consequence. Releasing these hormones helps to alleviate the pain and relax our body so that those toxins can be expelled as part of the process.

It favors the elimination of some bacteria

Are our tears really so powerful? Yes, thanks to lysozyme, a bactericidal enzyme present in them that acts as a  barrier against infections, preventing and protecting us from certain germs that some processes such as colds or flu, among others can harm us.

It is beneficial for the eyes

Tears act as lubricants, keeping the eyes moist and preventing their mucous membranes from becoming dehydrated and causing harmful consequences. In addition, they work as a “cleanser” of our tear ducts and eyelids, eliminating any type of toxin or external agent that may have gathered there. Here is another proof of the issue that crying is good for health.

Improves mood

Crying releases tensions and when our body begins to relax our mind receives or, at least, perceives that this state of alertness can be mastered. This fact allows us to change our perspective on the matter and, although the problem is the same, our vision of it and the way we try to face it becomes different.

Help keep calm

And is that in situations of conflict or maximum stress in which there are physical changes such as increased heart rate, a slight increase in tension, hyperventilation or excessive sweating, crying can provide a   truly incredible calming effect.

It is able to regulate breathing, slow down, normalize the heart rate and make it regain control of our body.

One thing is clear … with each tear spilled we let escape some of those problems that are part of us. Just as laughter brings many benefits, crying is good for health.

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