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The Saffron, the golden queen of risotto spice, has many beneficial properties for the health and well-being: saffron is indeed useful to appease the ‘anxiety about all of the carotenoids (confirmation science). In fact, today carotenoids are also formulated as tablets.

In India, where saffron is widely used, Ayurvedic medicine considers it a substance halfway between food and medicine; chromotherapy also uses saffron in psychophysical stress situations: the yellow color of saffron has always been synonymous with wellness and good humor.

The main property of saffron is anti-stress: less stress, better mood. Saffron is therefore proving a cure-all for many disorders related to modern lifestyle such as anxiety, stress, and depression.

All the properties of saffron are concentrated in red-colored stigmas, those that are pulverized also in the kitchen. These filaments around the corolla contain about 150 substances, 4 of which are particularly active: crocetine, crocina, picrocrocina and safranale (all belonging to the family of carotenoids). Keep reading http://spottingit.com/reviews/take-good-care-of-yourself/

All the benefits of saffron


The properties of saffron against the depression (mild or moderate depressive states)

The typical active ingredients of saffron have positive effects on some brain neurotransmitters responsible for mood tone such as dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin. This action has been tested both in the laboratory and in the clinical field: people suffering from mild or moderate depressive states have seen their symptoms improve in a short time and with rather low saffron dosages (in the order of milligrams). Saffron extract is therefore effective against some mild states of depression, without the negative effects of medicines.

The property of the saffron against the premenstrual syndrome (nervous tension and moody)

The saffron is a panacea also towards the premenstrual syndrome where the experiments have already given very encouraging results against moods and nervous tension (typical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome).

The property of saffron for memory and learning (difficulty in concentration)

Other benefits of saffron concern memory and learning; in fact the active substances of the saffron support the physiological processes that allow to remember the events, moreover they act in general on the health of the brain and the nervous system thanks to the remarkable antioxidant properties of the carotenoids (capable of wiping out about 20% of the toxic waste that we produce every day).

The saffron in the kitchen

How to take advantage of the properties of the saffron? The main use is in the kitchen where saffron gives flavor and taste to dishes, not only to the classic risotto, but also to pasta, desserts, meats and yoghurt.

But since it is difficult to propose saffron-based dishes every day, nothing prevents the use of saffron in herbal tea: its carotenoids are among the few soluble in water and are easily extracted by boiling.

Tisana at the saffron

Put a pinch of saffron powder in a cup of water, bring to a boil and leave to stand for about ten minutes. If you add a teaspoon of honey, you have an excellent digestive and anti-stress tea to drink in the evening to reconcile sleep.

The natural food supplement based on saffron

If you want to enjoy the anti – anxiety and antidepressant properties of saffron (very useful also for those suffering from premenstrual syndrome with mood swings), you can take saffron in the form of a supplement, where the quantities of principles active are standardized.

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