tired eyes
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4 Tricks to take care of tired eyes

Caring for tired eyes is a necessity, especially in these moments when surrounded by technology, we almost always have a…

Nickel allergy

Nickel allergy symptoms: Contact dermatitis and food intolerance

Nickel allergy is a very common allergic form. Symptoms of nickel allergy vary from person to person based on the…


How does fibromyalgia affect mood?

Fibromyalgia is a disease of recent characterization that affects mainly adult women. It causes fatigue, pain throughout the body and…

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skin and hair
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Useful vitamins and minerals for skin and hair

As soon as hair begins to lose its luster or wrinkles appear on the face, expensive intrusive procedures come to

Sleep and health
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Sleep and health: Why sleep in the dark?

In the era of the oldest civilizations, no labor law existed – a person lived and worked according to biological

stay awake and young

Foods for those who want to stay awake and young

What affects the health and health of a person? Ecology, habits, lifestyle, nutrition. Let’s talk in detail about the last factor. Some products

teeth whitening
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Natural methods of teeth whitening

We constantly hear about products that are recommended to be avoided, because they pigment the enamel. Meanwhile, recent research shows that