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Every person almost daily experiences nervous shocks of varying severity, depending on the situation: from minor household problems and family disagreements to work at work and major scandals with close people.

When the nervous tension reaches its boiling point, then the likelihood of becoming a victim of a stressful state is high.

In this article, you will find a selection of ways how to overcome stress and cope with the accumulated emotional stress.

How to recognize stress: Signs and Consequences

Overcome Stress

What exactly is called a state of stress?

To overcome stress, first you need to be able to diagnose it yourself. And for this you need to know its main symptoms.

The main signs of stress include …

  • Anxiety and anxiety.
  • Reduced concentration and memory functions.
  • Sad mood, sadness.
  • Inability to relax, a feeling of constant fatigue and overstrain.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Violation of diet.
  • The emergence of nervous habits (drum with fingers on the table, gnaw nails, etc.)
  • Nausea, headaches.
  • Decreased libido.
  • Irritability, quick temper.

If you begin to notice a constant fatigue and anxiety, or that disturbing thoughts do not let you relax for a second, then you need to get yourself together urgently to overcome stress.

There is one more way to determine the stress: evaluate according to the table below, how many critical situations for a person you had to overcome in the past 365 days.

How much did you end up on the stress scale?

  • If the number of points is less than 150, you can breathe out quietly – you will be able to overcome the current nervous tension yourself.
  • The increase of this indicator to 150-300 is already an alarming sign. At this stage, stress can lead to harm to health.
  • People who have a total score of more than 300 should immediately go to a psychologist – they will not be able to overcome this level of stress without health consequences.

What happens if you do not try to overcome stress?

It is not necessary to launch a stressful state, relying on the fact that eventually everything will pass by itself. Like any other disorder or disease, emotional overstrain, if not overcome in time, can lead to complications.

The side effects of stress, which could not be overcome in the rudiment, are:

  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Chronic digestive problems.
  • Decreased self-esteem.
  • Neuroses, depression.
  • Deterioration of memory, attention, intellectual abilities.
  • Possible manifestations of skin diseases.

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11 effective ways to overcome stress

If you realize that you are in a state of constant tension, then urgently take it in your hand and begin to struggle with it.

In situations where you feel a strong overstrain, you can apply quick and effective methods that will help overcome stress …

  • Relaxing bath with essential oils (mint, lavender, tea tree);
  • Contrast shower (depending on preferences);
  • Hot tea with lemon, drunk in complete silence;
  • Healthy prolonged sleep. All this will help to calm nerves quickly.

If a person is in a stressful state for quite some time, then in order to overcome stress, one must use methods in a complex manner.

1) Talk

Find yourself a worthy listener and express everything that has boiled in your soul. Emotion, clothed in words, will find a way out and will no longer lie dead in your heart.

2) Relax

Meditation, reading a good book, leisurely walk – choose what helps you personally to calm down and achieve peace.

3) To be in the team

In complete isolation from society, stress develops more strongly, because a person, being alone with himself, is obsessed with his problems. Friends and relatives can not only distract from unhappy thoughts, but also charge with vivacity and a good mood.

4) Find a hobby

So-called art therapy – an excellent method in the fight against many mental disorders. In addition, to simply engage in any pleasant for you needlework, you can also do special exercises:

5) To consume vitamins

Preferably, natural. Vegetables and fruits will restore the balance of the exhausted organism.

6) Monitor the power status

Visual consequences of malnutrition (extra pounds, unhealthy complexion) are unlikely to please you, but rather even exacerbate the stressful condition.

In addition, fatty unhealthy food has a negative effect on health, which also does not contribute to the normal life of a person.

7) To refuse from bad habits

Alcohol intoxication can increase stress levels several fold.

8) Allow yourself small gastronomic joys

In the form of bitter chocolate or ice cream. A small portion of glucose will not bring huge harm to the body, but the mood will definitely improve even after a small treat.

Do not bend the stick: the extra pounds and rashes after the abundance of sweet will not add strength to you to overcome stress, but only exacerbate it.

9) Do dance or gymnastics

Such exercises charge cheerfulness and stimulate a good mood.

10) Make your life active

Ride a bicycle, go in for swimming, go to the gym – besides the fact that you will always be in great physical shape, so also remove tension.

11) Sleep a lot and quality

A healthy full-fledged sleep is one of the main ways to overcome stress. In cases when it is impossible to overcome stress alone, it is necessary to resort to drug treatment with tranquilizers, which are applied strictly according to the prescriptions of doctors.

Whatever the life situation is, remember that there is always a way out. Never despair and lose control over your emotions. Even if it happens that the voltage goes off scale, it is necessary to recall urgently the methods how to overcome stress, and to get rid of negative emotions as soon as possible.

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