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We constantly hear about products that are recommended to be avoided, because they pigment the enamel. Meanwhile, recent research shows that there are absolutely natural ways to help decorate our smile. Instead of expensive chemicals, try natural whitening, enjoying the meal.

Of course, home methods will not completely replace preventive visits to the dentist, but will save money and maintain your dental health. The information given here is for guidance only. 

 teeth whitening

A specific plan of activities should be discussed with the attending physician. Be careful when performing any procedures, make sure that there are no allergic reactions to certain components. Avoid contact with active substances in the eyes. We do not recommend using soda or salt, as they destroy the solid layer and cause only harm. The list of products and methods listed below is the most sparing in terms of impact on tooth enamel. Even the usual whitening paste has a greater abrasive effect.

With our time, our pearls dim, under the influence of external factors. Ideal will be the strategy of protecting teeth and gums, thanks to oral hygiene. Do not be lazy to brush twice a day. Use a dental thread, good fluorine-containing pastes. Here is a list of products, the inclusion of which in the daily diet will prevent the formation of yellow plaque, will give a whitening effect.

1) Eat fresh apples. A loud crisp sound, when biting viscous flesh, can be a bit annoying, but it works great for incisors. The addiction to apples strengthens the gums, neutralizes the bacteria, which cause an unpleasant odor from the mouth. The high moisture content in the fruit stimulates the production of saliva and neutralizes harmful elements.

2) Although the strawberry has a rich red color, it does not stain the teeth. Apple acid is one of the main fruit ingredients, acts as a natural bleach. Fresh, juicy berry is delicious in any form: in salads, desserts, baked goods. Seasonally it becomes cheaper, acquiring broad accessibility in the bazaars. In the autumn, too, try to eat as often as possible.

3) Seeds and nuts are hard and during the chewing act have a slightly abrasive effect on the surface of the teeth. Promotes the removal of stone. A few dozen toasted almond seeds are ideal for an afternoon snack. They are rich in protein, healthy fats and contribute to the achievement of a white smile.

4) There are products that are contraindicated before a date. The sharp smell after onions or garlic will certainly be compensated for with dazzling purity. Essential oils contained in vegetables, colorless, do not lead to the accumulation of tartar. In addition, these allies increase motivation to brush their teeth, providing an additional way to whiten them.

5) Celery and carrots contain a significant amount of water. Positively affect the secretion of saliva, contain vitamins and trace elements – necessary for health. Raw vegetables strengthen the gums and remove the remnants of food. In addition, the abundance of fiber will become a natural regulator of intestinal peristalsis.

6) Broccoli, unlike, for example, beets, does not stick to the chewing surface. Add a few fresh flowers to the salad to clean your teeth naturally and give a fresh feeling for the rest of the day.

7) Ripened cheeses of solid sorts, diced (snack canape), are known as rich sources of calcium. Most of these products are pale yellow, some almost white. Thus, they can be eaten without worrying about clouding the enamel. Cheese plate for lunch – it’s good, but be careful with the calories.

8) Clean water maintains an adequate level of moisture in the mouth. It is recommended to drink during consumption of dark products containing dyes, especially in the company of wine. You can not, however, take a lot of soda water, not without reason called the true “eater” of teeth.

9) The importance of calcium is difficult to overestimate, as it strengthens hard tissues from the inside. But calcium deposits on the teeth form yellow spots. To get rid of them, pour a couple drops of lemon juice into your paste before cleaning. Do not use this method if you are hypersensitive.

10) The plaque is easily removed if it is rubbed with a mixture made from a dry orange peel. It is allowed to use the inner surface of the peel.

Among the methods of home bleaching, cleansing with crushed activated charcoal is highlighted, as the most sparing option. It has a porous structure, and easily absorbs various organic compounds. Neutralizes acids, plant toxins, small admixtures, aromatic compounds and tannins. Coal successfully removes the deposits of tannin. In short, it’s a nasty yellowish film, noticeable after consuming coffee or tea. So, the composition of natural pasta:

  • 2-3 tablets of activated carbon, powdered
  • teaspoon of coconut oil
  • A drop of clove oil (optional).

Start with the frequency 3 times a week, then once to maintain the effect. The coconut mass gives a good consistency, in addition, it has strong antiseptic properties.

A sparkling snow-white smile is the dream of each of us. But it is important to understand that the teeth have that coloration that is predetermined by them genetically. Natural methods and home remedies should be applied in moderation. In addition, avoid too much or long exposure. Do not seek to polish at any cost, sacrificing future well-being. Only careful, constant and gentle care will give a lasting result. Visit the dentist for advice, even if you are all right

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