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Every year the problem of excess weight in people of different ages is increasing. And this despite the fact that many try to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Why does this happen? What are the main causes of eating disorders and weight gain?

We eat too much

About the daily diet took care of the food industry, which bleaches the flour, cleans rice, fries in deep fat and almost everything, adds sugar-refined, in a word, increases the calorie content of food.

We eat too fat and too sweet

As a rule, the enemy is an excessive amount of fat and sugar in the diet, and thus there is no corresponding physical load. This is the most effective recipe for weight gain. Sugar, activating insulin, triggers all the necessary metabolic reactions to effectively store the incoming fat in the cells. Keep reading http://healthiestlife4me.com/regular-walking-makes-you-healthier/

eating disorders

Fructose problem

For 10 years, the consumption of sweet carbonated, fruit drinks and juices has increased. Most of these drinks, as well as sweets and sauces contain fructose syrup, which is cheaper and sweeter than sugar. Fructose causes overproduction of lipids, increases blood pressure and increases the concentration of purines, which can lead to gout. Promotes the formation of adipose tissue and makes it so that the process of inhibition of hunger as a result of the action of leptin will be disturbed, the body, despite consumed food or drinks, is hungry. It is worth knowing that fructose obtained with fruits does not create problems, because we eat relatively little sugar, but a lot of fiber that reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestion, reducing the amount of insulin in the blood, accelerates the feeling of satiety, reduces the absorption of some free fatty acids,

We eat too often

A lot of people skip breakfast, so we often snatch snacks and overeat in the evening. Eating before going to bed leads to the fact that we get up with a feeling of a full stomach and no appetite for a morning meal. The extension of the interval between dinner and breakfast causes an increase in fat content and a slowing of metabolism. This is due to attempts to save the body energy. So eating two or three meals, it will be more profitable.

Stress and lack of sleep

In today’s world, millions of people are prone to daily stress, chronic fatigue and lack of sleep. All this leads to the exhaustion of the body, worsening of the mental state and a set of excess weight.

The effect of weight gain after the termination of diet

Diets for weight loss are smaller in volume than the usual diet, but the body does not know that a person with great determination and dedication strives to lose several kilograms and reacts as if he was starving, so he goes on fasting. This means that the metabolism is much slower, so we consume less energy, that is, we burn fewer calories. The bad news is that the metabolic rate may remain slow for several months after a return to the traditional diet. This explains the fact that, after a miracle diet, it is very easy to recover lost pounds.

The solution to the problem of overweight is not fasting, but combining a low-calorie diet with exercise, this keeps the metabolism at a high level and allows you to achieve a persistent weight loss effect.

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