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Do you suffer from a lazy intestine? Here are 5 habits that you should adopt right away to combat constipation and abdominal swelling and regain the natural regularity!

Stomach ache, abdominal swelling and a general sense of discomfort, which often impacts even on mood, are some of the symptoms that lazy intestine syndrome can cause. It is in fact an annoying disorder that manifests itself with an alteration of the normal intestinal transit, which is often due to an improper lifestyle and to stress factors, which can become a real problem, especially if it persists over time. It is also known that a healthy intestine promotes the proper functioning of the other organs, contributing to guaranteeing a general sense of balance and well-being to the whole organism.

But there are simple but effective remedies that can easily come to your aid if you suffer from constipation and abdominal swelling. Here you can find 5 good habits to adopt in your daily life to fight the lazy intestine and regain natural intestinal regularity …

1. Choose a healthy diet

The first rule against a lazy intestine is a healthy and high-fiber diet. Constipation and abdominal swelling in fact, you fight first of all starting from the table: this is why it becomes essential to know what to eat and what it is good to avoid if you suffer from this disorder.

As we said, among the most suitable foods in case of lazy intestine there are the fibers. It is therefore good to stock up on fruit, especially prunes, kiwis and ripe pears, which can adequately stimulate the activity of the intestine. Not only that, even vegetables and legumes – especially if dehusked – such as beans, soy and lentils, are a great help. The same applies to whole grains, which are absolutely to be preferred to products made from refined flours. Better then to dress with extra virgin olive oil and avoid butter and other animal fat seasonings.

On the other hand, fried foods, fatty meats and cheeses, whole milk, spices, sweets, sauces and chocolate should be avoided or kept to a minimum. In the album that follows you can find in detail all the foods that would be good to consume in small quantities or eliminate completely in case of constipation.

Then remember to change the diet and avoid making unhealthy snacks or eating too much out of meals: in these cases, focus on a fruit or a low-fat yogurt, perfect for restoring the bacterial flora and regulate intestinal activity.

Lazy intestine

2. Make regular physical activity

The sedentary lifestyle is among the first enemies of a correct functioning of the intestine. A constant physical activity protects you from the risks of constipation and helps you enjoy a natural intestinal regularity, as well as doing well to your body in general and to your mind. Along with a healthy and targeted diet, it is in fact the most important point to counteract the problem of the lazy intestine. It is not necessary to opt for particularly demanding sports or those that require excessive time: a 30-minute walk, even if not too slow, is enough, and your intestine will thank you.

There are many ways to carve out small moments of exercise in everyday life. For example, you can choose to take the stairs instead of taking the elevator, get off at one or two stops before the subway and finish the walk, take breaks at least every two hours and break away from the PC screen at the desk and make a walk.

3. Take a nutritional supplement

When healthy eating and exercise are not enough, it can be a valid help to resort to a food supplement, designed specifically for this purpose. A dietary supplement based on psyllium fiber that helps restore the correct functioning of intestinal transit in a completely natural way. This is because the psyllium fiber of which it is made, if dissolved in water, forms a delicate but effective gel, able to restart the natural regularity without irritating the intestine.

Its composition and the absence of preservatives, sources of lactose and gluten, make it ideal even in case of pregnancy, celiac or diabetic people and even children, thanks to its pleasant taste. It is in fact proposed in 5 different flavors – red oranges, vanilla, lemon tea, strawberry and pink grapefruit – and in two different formats: case, 20 single-dose sachets, or jar, which guarantees about 38 doses. The taste red oranges may also be found in the format test 10 single-dose sachets.

4. Drink at least two liters of water a day

Drink water constantly – at least one and a half liters or two a day – helps ensure intestinal regularity and avoid suffering from constipation and lazy intestine. In fact, water helps eliminate waste and toxins and cleans the body, facilitating intestinal transit in a completely natural way. A good way is then to drink a glass of warm water every morning when you wake up: a real panacea to awaken the body and help it to purify and regain regularity.

Avoid drinking water or carbonated drinks but consume natural mineral water in the quantities recommended above so as to properly cleanse the body and restore its natural activity. You can also opt for herbal teas, especially if it’s cold outside and drinking water continuously is not really your favorite activity, as long as they are not sweetened and have a draining and detox effect on your body.

It is useless then to reiterate that to combat the alteration of intestinal transit it is necessary to avoid as much as possible alcohol.

5. Stay away from stress

Of course, easy to say and a little less to do, but it is important to know that even anxiety and stress can affect not just the state of health of our intestines and provoke irritability and difficulty in transit. Carving out the detox moments to recharge and detach from the routine, and the many commitments and responsibilities it involves, becomes a fundamental gesture to take care of oneself and one’s physical and inner well-being. Therefore, try to listen to your body more carefully and satisfy needs and requirements, without reaching an emergency situation that could have consequences on the physical plane. Therefore ensure recovery times and fill them with activities you love and have the power to regenerate: it’s also a simple afternoon of doing nothing on the sofa in your house in the company of your favorite TV series!

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