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Just about every woman, and no doubt a few men too, has a drawer filled with beauty products from years past. While some products can motor on cheerfully for years, there are others that get old and deteriorate and may not perform as they once did, and these need to be discarded. Some products may even become dangerous to health if left to fester for too long.

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Quick and sanitary

Most makeup and beauty products don’t come with a sell by date, so it’s a good idea to keep track of when various items were purchased. Makeup sponges are an item that should be replaced regularly – ideally every month, even if you wash them. They can get worn, and may even harbour harmful bacteria if they are damp.

Other items with a limited lifespan included mascara, as this can dry up, and also become a breeding place for bacteria, and you do not want that near your eyes. Getting an eye infection and risking your sight from old mascara is simply not worth it. Removing mascara efficiently is also important. For tips on doing this effectively, see this report in The Guardian.

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Protecting eyes

Again, anything applied to the eyes should not be left in the drawer, to reappear years later. So eyeliner should be discarded after about six months to be absolutely safe. With eye pencils, you should be thinking of replacing those at around the nine month mark, and tossing them away when they are a year old.

Natural ingredients in eye creams may also start to deteriorate around the six month mark, and any chance of transferring bacteria to the eye area should be eliminated. After a year, the preservatives in lipstick can start to deteriorate, so it is a good idea to replace those more than 12 months old.

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Like clothing and food, makeup should be fresh to be totally appealing and safe. As makeup comes into contact with hands and skin, there is always the chance that harmful bacteria can breed in it. Don’t take the risk, replace your makeup regularly and enjoy the new season’s colours safely.


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