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The ride is a workout suitable for everyone a little useful for weight loss and to tighten thighs, legs, buttocks and even the hips. Jogging is one of the most natural and spontaneous physical activities, running helps to reach well being and physical fitness as well as losing weight, but also running has its own rules.

Here are the RULES base running to slim …

1 – Run to fast help you lose weight

Excellent results are achieved when fasting, only water is allowed. Fasting jogging is in fact useful for improving lipid power: the ability of the body to consume as much fat as possible in the unit of time. So running fasting helps to lose weight: the lack of sugars means that during the race the body uses mainly fats as fuel. This rule can also be applied gradually starting to eliminate some food from breakfast (if you train in the morning) or snack (if you train in the evening). Other advice: do not binge immediately after the jogging workout with breakfast or snack, but wait at least an hour before eating.

2 – Run for a maximum time of 40 minutes in training

Lose weight means losing fat, jogging is recommended for a maximum of 40 minutes per workout.


3 – Alternate travel and fast walking

In jogging training one of the basic rules is to listen to your body and not overdo it: especially for those who start running and out of practice, it is good to alternate slow running and fast walking in 40 minutes of training, this is to avoid any muscle cramps that may force the “forced” rest in the following days. Even fast walking is useful for weight loss and for firming thighs, legs and buttocks. As you gain more strength and breath, you will increase the running time and reduce the amount of walking time. You may also like http://clickmyemails.com/health-and-beauty/tips-to-decrease-leg-pain-before-running/

4 – Run a day’s alternate (3-4 days a week)

For a good workout with jogging is necessary continuity: to get good results both in terms of weight loss and in terms of increased breath and physical resistance, it is good to run a day yes and a day no for 3-4 times at the week. Running only one day a week does not lose weight. The more time passes between a jogging workout and the other, the lower the results on weight loss and resistance. This rule is also called “alternating load and rest”: alternate running sessions, one day of travel and one of rest.

5 – Avoid running at very high speed

If you run too fast (race veoce), our body consumes a lot of sugars and is likely to be without sugars (main fuel) during the jogging practice. To consume more fat and lose weight you must make a medium run.

6 – Varying the rhythm and the intensity of the race

A slow race of 120-180 minutes ago without losing weight, but the 40 minutes of training can be optimized by varying the pace of the race: you run for less time but it is more difficult. In fact, those who run in the hills lose more fat than those running in the plains at the same pace. Those who practice jogging on the flat must therefore vary the intensity of the run. Who has only walked, must alternate the fast walk with slow strokes; those who have been running slowly must insert medium stroke sections, increasing the sensation of fatigue with a higher breathing and heart rate. For this we recommend the use of the Cardio Frequency meter during jogging training.

7 – Increase the rhythm of the race and the intensity of the effort

As you practice jogging, increase your breath and resistance, it is therefore important to evaluate, week after week, how our physical condition improves. Those who train 3-4 days a week, after a month will run at a higher speed to consume more fat, if they continue running at the same speed hardly consume fat, and weight loss, or any other goal, will be more difficult to achieve. It is therefore necessary to increase the intensity of the effort: it is necessary to increase it if you do not struggle at a certain pace of travel. In this way, during the 40 minutes of training, you will run faster and you will travel a longer distance with greater physical effort.

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