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Who said you have to lock yourself in the gym to get back in shape? Here are 8 invigorating sports to practice outdoors to burn calories.

The days begin to lengthen and the hot sun will soon be peeping.

Sport and spring is a perfect combination.

In fact it is the ideal season to practice physical activity and rediscover all the benefits of outdoor sports.

The temperatures are pleasant and the sun makes you cheerful and less stressed because it helps you to regularize and synthesize vitamin D, the good mood vitamin.

If you are a lover of walking, it’s time to download our program and get going! Do you prefer to run with a group of friends? There is a perfect running program for you!

If, on the other hand, you still don’t do any sporting activities and you don’t like to run or walk, don’t worry!

What are you waiting for? You will feel a new energy in your body because from pleasure to results … there is only one step!

8 invigorating sports to do in the spring

1 – The bicycle

It takes just 30 minutes of cycling at a moderate pace every day to find a smile and physical fitness!

A search of the Harvard Medical School has shown the beneficial effects after 1 year of activities for people suffering from depression.

How many calories are burned by bike?

Calories: an hour of cycling, pedaling at medium intensity, burns from 250 to 500 calories.

2 – Horse riding

Horseback riding is one of the toning sports par excellence that gives great benefits both to the body and the mind.

Riding a horse does not mean sitting, did you know?

This sport develops coordination, is good for the back and improves posture.

Being in contact with an animal is important to regain confidence in yourself and also responsibility towards others.

How many calories are burned by riding?

Calories: about 300 per hour of riding.

3 – Playing golf

The course is suitable for all ages, is not a sport for older people as they believe everyone!

It is perfect for socializing and improving, in addition to physical abilities, even mental ones, especially concentration.

When you play golf you walk a lot, up to 16 km per workout!

It is useful to release tension, improve the cardiovascular system and mood, since it is not at all a static sport as is believed!

How many calories are burned while playing golf?

Calories: with 4 hours of golf, 16 km traveled between fields, you can burn from 1200 to 2300 calories.

4 – Kayak

It is the ideal water sport if you want to enjoy the beautiful days, since you practice immersed in nature.

It is the ideal activity if you want to relax, it is a slow sport that relaxes the body and the mind, but the legs and arms work very much and breathing and heart activity also benefit.

All without realizing it, while you will be attracted by the beautiful landscapes and relax with the sound of water.

How many calories are burned by kayak?

Calories: from 260 to 350 for an hour of kayaking.

5 – Walking with the dog

Walking 3 times a day with your dog can amount to 8 hours of exercise a week, says a British study.

The walk with your dog is ideal if you are overweight, speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose weight.

Take the dog for a walk: calorie consumption

If you really want to burn calories, try not to get carried away by your 4-legged friend on a leash!

How many calories are burned by walking?

Calories: from 150 to 350 if you walk at a brisk pace.

6 – Go on rollerblades

We could not include rollerblading sports in this ranking. Inline skates are great for toning your thighs and buttocks!

If the gym bores you, this is the perfect solution: in addition to firming the thighs and buttocks, the dorsal and arms also work.

Get back in shape by going skating with your children, they will have fun and you … more than them!

How many calories are burned by rollerblades?

Calories: about 500 Kcal / hour.

7 – Skateboard

Does your child want to buy a skate? And why don’t you buy it too?

Don’t believe that the skate is reserved for the under 20s.

It’s a fun sport that will remind you of your childhood and will shape your legs and buttocks!

Don’t forget your helmet and knee pads so you don’t get hurt!

How many calories are burned by skating?

Calories: an hour of skate can burn you from 260 to 350 calories.

8 – Trekking

We close this ranking of toning sports with trekking.

If you love hiking in the mountains, you want to take a break from routine and city stress, then trekking is the sport for you.

It is a sport suitable for everyone, but beware of differences in level: if you are trained, it starts gradually, especially because you have to become familiar with the territory. Are you ready? Then backpacker!

How many calories are burned by trekking?

Calories: up to 860 if uphill at high intensity.

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