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If we compare our hair with a forest, and each hair with a tree, it would be easy to understand that nothing we do externally for our hair will be enough, if at the same time we do not take care of its roots. And the first step is to nourish them.

Those who grow a garden know that each plant has an ideal pH to grow strong. Something similar happens with hair. It is known that hair grows stronger when the extracellular medium tends to alkalinity, and worse when it tends to acidity. It is therefore necessary to take enough alkalizing foods: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, algae, and to avoid acidifies: excess proteins and sausages, animal fats, fried foods, refined foods, sweets, etc. Keep reading http://pearsonstyle.com/ways-to-look-younger/

A varied diet, integral and from biological culture should contain all the nutrients necessary for our body. Some vitamins and minerals fundamental for the growth of our hair are:

  • Silicon: Millet, horsetail (sold in tablets)
  • Zinc: Wheat germ, miso, eggs
  • Sulfur (formation of collagen): Onions, leeks, garlic, shallots, etc.
  • Iron: Meats, lentils, nuts, nuts, whole grains, dark green vegetables.
  • Calcium: Green vegetables (especially broccoli, cabbage, nabiza …) almonds, sesame, algae, dairy products.
  • Iodine: Blue fish, iodized salt, seaweed
  • Vitamin B5: Whole grains, brewer’s yeast.

These nutrients are not found exclusively in these foods, but these are foods richer in them.

nourish the hair

Increase blood irrigation

Once we have made sure that the blood is rich in nutrients, it is necessary that our scalp receives it in abundance. The best way to stimulate the circulation in the scalp is thorough brushing, with a metal barbed brush finished in balls. Every night before sleeping, brush all the hair about 30-50 times from left to right, starting from the left ear to the right. Proceed in the same way from right to left, then from the nape to the forehead (with the head hanging forward) and finally from the front to the back. When finishing it is convenient to gently pull the hair outwards, as if trying to separate the scalp from the skull. That causes a vacuum pump that attracts blood to the area. Stinging nettle lotion is also used to improve blood supply. This “treatment” is in turn relaxing and inducing sleep.

When there is dandruff?

Dandruff, which is often related to feeding, is a frequent cause of hair loss or poor appearance. To identify what type of dandruff it is, take some flakes and place them in a small glass of water, floating on the surface. After a few hours it can happen:

a) That the movies have disappeared, in that case they were grease films. It’s the seborrhea. It is necessary to drastically reduce their intake in the diet, especially animal fats, hydrogenated and fried, and to take mostly vegetable oils of first cold pressure, and controlling the amount.

b) That the films continue to float: in this case they are dry skin scales. The scalp is dry, probably like the rest of the body. In that case it is also necessary to take good quality fats, and supplement with 4-6 daily pearls of flax oil (omega-3) and another six of wheat germ oil (omega-6, vitamin E). In the past, olive oil applications on the head were common once or twice a year. The oil was applied on the whole scalp and the hair, to wash it after an hour. It is important to be sure that the “drying agent” of the scalp is not the shampoo.

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