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How to have beautiful hair beautiful, healthy and strong? Very simple, taking care of the hair in a natural way. The more we pay attention to the hair, the more these will look very beautiful and healthy.

They all want to know the secret of my shiny, chocolate-colored hair that is soft and silky. I take care of them, that’s all. Many people say they take care of their hair, but they do not explain annoying itching, hair loss, dandruff or dull, stringy hair.

They are the same people who then go to find out they don’t know the natural remedies for hair care, they never make a mask and they don’t know what their hair needs to feel good. Caring for your hair means knowing, first of all, what they need. With beautiful hair you are born but taking care of your hair, beautiful it becomes.

How to take care of your hair to have them strong, healthy and beautiful

Let’s see in a few steps how to take care of your hair, with tips and suggestions …

Hair care

1. Hair loss

Taking care of your hair includes trying to have them as strong as possible. Such as? Checking that with every physiological fall, therefore seasonal, there is a growth and that out of the critical seasons (spring and autumn) there are no huge hair losses.

If it happens and therefore out of these seasons you have hair loss, you need to check your state of health because hair is affected a lot (think of anemia for example). Maybe you need to take supplements or rethink your diet. Sometimes hair loss can be caused by dermatitis and dandruff and it is good to ask a specialist for a consultation.

2. Use natural hair care remedies

There are many hair care products on the market, it’s true, but nature already gives us what we need. Natural ingredients to make shampoos at home, to make do-it-yourself balm and even hair masks, without running into allergies or hair-destroying substances rather than helping them.

Take for example sage and rosemary, they are two plants from which an infusion is obtained (soaking them in hot water for a few hours) or a decoction if desired (in this case they should be boiled) with which to make compresses or simply rinse hair. It gives them a feeling of well-being, polishes them, strengthens them and eliminates shampoo chemicals.

But also the nettle that we tear and avoid: its decoction is great for washing hair, eliminating dandruff and making it stronger. Or even apple vinegar, we think of the extraordinary ability to eliminate the chemicals contained in shampoos that damage the hair.

We use mayonnaise as a condiment right? Why not also use it in hair care? It is rich in nutrients for the hair (if we fear the smell just a little apple cider vinegar in the rinse is done) and you can make good masks, after all even Princess Sissi knew the benefits of yolks egg.

We also think of rice cooking water, formerly the women of the East, they washed their hair with this water because it makes the hair beautiful and shiny, try it!

Finally, let’s think about the colors we use to color our hair, it would be better to use henna that strengthens them in addition to dyeing them. The oils, if you do not have greasy hair, are particularly nutritious (wheat germ oil, flax oil and olive oil) so they are always to be taken into consideration.

3. Washing and drying

Wherever you go to read, you will always find the same advice: use natural shampoos because shampoos that are on the market very often are full of chemicals that harm our health. How can you know? Simple by reading the shampoo INCI and then looking for the ingredients online. The same applies to balms and masks. These too must be given a special place: balsams and masks are essential to nourish the hair and strengthen it.

Drying your hair then you should not hold the hair dryer at high temperature near the hair, do not abuse plates and should not be combed wet because they break much more easily. Also pay attention to the towel that should not be used with too much energy to avoid damaging the hair, which should always be buffered.

During washing it is good to remember that the shampoo should always be applied with massages that stimulate micro circulation, it should also be remembered that the water must be warm from first and then always cold to activate the circulation, but also to make the hair brighter.

4. Protect your hair

Mainly, in the summer, the hair must be protected from UV rays and salt air that weaken them and corrode them. So it is good practice to use a filter suitable for the hair and wash them with fresh water immediately after each bath in the sea.

5. Hair cutting

The hair should not be left too long in disarray, every few months they need a cut that will regenerate them and allow them to strengthen and regrow well. Better if you cut them is a professional with suitable scissors otherwise you will get in trouble.

6. Colors, bleaching and permanent

Of course it’s nice to vary the style of your hair, but taking care of your hair also means knowing how to give up those treatments that seem to make them more beautiful and spectacular but actually damage them. The permanent is an example but also the various chemical and non-natural based dyes.

The hair can also be dyed with natural ingredients, masks based on indigo henna and coffee, tea or chocolate for dark hair, while for light ones, neutral or light henna base with the addition of beer (the alcohol must be evaporated), lemon, chamomile, honey, etc.

7. Hair care begins at the table

To be healthy and strong, hair needs vitamins, folic acid, trace elements and mineral salts. So here are the right foods to have beautiful, healthy and strong hair: broccoli, blue fish, legumes, berries, yogurt, tomatoes, nuts, oilseeds, shellfish, fruit and vegetables, legumes and whole grains. There are also special supplements for hair health.

Ultimately healthy, strong and beautiful hair can only be obtained by taking care of your hair, inquiring, trying and putting your head in it, in every sense. On the site you will find various articles on hair health and various natural remedies, including recipes for masks, wraps and hair conditioner.

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