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Do you have a hair that is very difficult to handle and that needs to be combed every time you get out of the shower so that you do not have dull hair? I am afraid that you are one of the many women who suffer from frizzy hair, a problem that is due to the lack of hydration of the hair fiber. Today we will discuss the frizzy curly hair problems and solutions that work.

No matter how much you try to take care of your hair and that you do a treatment every so often, the vast majority of girls who have curly or wavy hair sometimes go through a problem of severe frizz. A hair that is impossible to comb, that can get to despair if you do not know the tricks to take care of it and handle it.

Today we are going to see what the frizzy hair, why it is produced is and how we can avoid it. And also the best tricks to finish with the hair scrub that is so ugly. If you also have dull hair, take note and you will see how these frizzy curly hair problems and solutions come from pearls to remove volume and shine.

What is frizzy curly hair?

A frizzy hair is one that lacks capillary hydration. When the hair is dry, it looks for the humidity that exists in the environment, acting as a sponge to absorb it, and for that reason, it reaches to expand and acquire that characteristic appearance of boiled hair.

Dry and frizzy hair is more common in wavy and curly manes and is more common in people who live in humid environments with low temperatures. A woman may have frizzy hair because of genetics, but it can also be the case of damage caused by mistreatment of the hair fiber.

curly hair problems

Why do I have curly hair?

If you have frizzy curly hair by nature, I’m afraid the cause of your frizz is genetic. There are people who are born with hair complicated to tame, but they are not impossible if we give a good treatment for curly hair that works according to your case. Finding frizzy curly hair problems and solutions according to them is very essential.

Other reasons for having unruly hair can be given by certain practices that end up causing serious damage to the hair fiber.

Abuse of heat appliances

The heat causes the natural moisture contained in the hair to evaporate and be lost.

If you usually wash your hair with very hot water, often use heat appliances such as dryers, irons and curling irons, your hair will dry and damage over time, until completely dehydrated and dull.


The chemical dyes and bleaches have the same effect, wear the hair dry and leave it with a dull and ugly appearance. Nowadays there are natural dyes that can achieve the same effect of coloring without damaging the hair as much.

Hair drying products

There are some products that produce great dryness in the hair. Cosmetics with alcohol, chlorine from the pool, and even salt water from the sea, can steal the natural moisture of your hair leaving it much drier.

The degree of air humidity

If you live in very, very humid environments, it is normal for your hair to end up reacting.

A mechanism of homeostasis is produced, through which the hair tends to steal part of the environmental humidity, acquiring a more frosty appearance that does not correspond to it, without even having reached a significant degree of dehydration.

curly hair problems

Solutions for frizzy curly hair problems

Whatever the reason why your porous hair is damaged, there is always a treatment for dry and frizzy hair that you can resort to.

Do you know what to do with frizzy curly hair problems and solutions for them when you wake up in the morning? Let’s see what the best solutions to end the problem are. You can also recover the healthy aspect of your hair with little effort.

If you have ever told yourself: my hair is very dry and frizzy, what can I do? You arrived at the indicated article!

Warm water

One of the remedies for dry hair that works best if you have a hair without life is to avoid washing it with hot water, using warm water instead.

Wet hair becomes much more fragile, and when water is applied too hot, we cause the hair fiber to open, leaving it even more unprotected.

If you wash it with warm water, you can remove all the dirt easily, without subjecting your hair to severe dehydration by evaporation of the water inside.

Hair masks

You can use it in every wash, or at least once a week. You can also use the masks during washing, or even dry before washing your hair, leaving it to act much longer to penetrate well the nutrients it contains and the hair is repaired in depth.

The anti-frizz masks are a great solution to avoid hair curling when you dry it, providing extra nutrition after each wash. Choose a mask that is special for your type of hair, depending on whether it is smooth, wavy, curly or tinted, and you will see how it improves its appearance and texture.

Do not miss the best homemade masks for dry hair that we tried some time ago in this blog.

Do not rub with the towel

When you get out of the shower, do not rub your hair with the towel to remove excess moisture. By doing this movement, we are damaging the hair fiber and breaking the hair without realizing it. We are also causing static electricity that builds up in wet hair and will then appear when we dry it.

Instead of rubbing, press the towel gently to absorb the water. It will take a little longer, but you will save time on your hair, since you will get a hair without pronounced frizz.

curly hair problems

Anti-frizz serum

Another one of the remedies for the frizzy curly hair problems is to use a serum that hydrates it in depth. It is very good for a very dry hair, applying wet or dry, ideal to moisturize the hair at home in an effective way.

The function of the anti-frizz serum is to return the natural moisture to your hair, quickly closing the hair cuticles so that it does not escape.

The hair feels more smooth to the touch, with less volume, more shine, and without leaving traces of product in the outer layer. For this reason, you can not only apply the serum at the tips but in all the hair, even in the roots unlike hair oils.

One of the best products you can find in the market is the anti-curling serum of Kerapro, used in hairdressers to comb the most rebellious hair, and that you can now buy at a great price through the Internet.

Remote hair dryer

It goes without saying that the best way to treat frizzy curly hair problems is to avoid the use of dryers. But if you have no choice but to dry your hair with a hairdryer to comb it, it is better to use a good quality hairdryer.

The hairdressing professionals usually resort to the Parlux brand of dryers for being a professional brand that offers very good prices. They are dryers that provide silkiness to the hair, ionizing the most frizzy hair so they do not gain in volume.

They also recommend that at the time of drying keep the dryer at least 10 cm away from your hair, with an average temperature to avoid drying it out even more.

A professional trick for curled hair is to apply a blow of cold air when finishing with the dryer, to close the hair fibers and avoid frizz.

Products for frizzy curly hair problems

If you need an extra help to comb your hairs, hairdressing styling products can be your best ally. Always use those that do not contain alcohol so as not to damage the hair, using little quantity so that there are no remains that clump your hair and leave an unnatural appearance.

Hair oil

If the problem of your hair is at the tips and you do not find treatments for curly hair that can help you, you have to try the application of hair oil at the tips.

Hair oil is one of the curled hair remedies most used for its effectiveness, and undoubtedly, one of the most recommended products for frizzy curly hair problems is Moroccanoil brand oil, which restores the nature of hair, protecting it from moisture external so you do not end up with crazy hair when you leave home.

This oil is like applying silk to the hair. I always try to take care of my hair every day, but when my hair curls because of the humidity, I use a couple of drops of this oil, distributing it well at the tips, and I have a perfect hairstyle, with shine, but no remains of visible oil.

Ionic brushes

Ionic brushes are special devices that keep curling at bay. While with a normal brush what we achieve is to electrify the hair even more with each pass, the ionic brushes achieve the opposite, close the ‘pores’ of the hair, and keep it brighter and more silky.

One of the best rated ionic brushes on the market is the Braun Satin Hair brush. It works with an effective ionic technology, giving shine and decreasing the frizz with each pass.

If you have a difficult mane, the best thing for the hair is to invest in a good brush to comb it.

This remedy is perfect for curly straight hair, but not if you have curly hair, since the only thing you will achieve is breaking the curl, and you will not have a polished hairstyle.

Avoid touching your hair

Have you already achieved a perfect hairstyle and your hair has been perfect? Now it’s time to avoid the typical gestures that cause frizzy curly hair problems throughout the day.

Use hats or hats, put on your bike helmet, brush your hair with a scarf, or even be all day touching your hair, electrify it and end up buying a lot of volume again. The hair is damaged by friction, losing shine and hydration and in the end it ends up mistreated.

Avoid being all the time touching your hair, and you’ll see how the static electricity stays at bay, without damaging your hairstyle.

curly hair problems

Keratin treatment

Although all these tricks to manage a frizzy hair do not usually take up too much time of your day or your routine of daily hair care, there are women who look for practicality above all and resort to treatments to smooth very frizzy hair.

The product for the hair curled star of recent years is keratin, a compound that moisturizes the hair in depth, softening and preventing it from acquiring volume and frizz.

They are usually applied in hairdressing for a long duration, but if you want to try and do it at home Kativa keratin smoothing product is great to control frizz with very good results for up to 10 weeks. Have you tried it?

This moisturizing treatment for the hair is considered as the best anti-frothing product of keratin by the users for homemade capillary hydration, also used in hairdressing for express treatments.

Frizzy curly hair problems and solutions

Now that you know the best remedies for dry hair and how to treat your frizzy hair with very simple tricks, you will have no excuse not to always wear a perfect mane without hardly any effort. Get to work and get yours!

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