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The feet are a fundamental part of our body and must be preserved and treated constantly. To keep always hygienic, clean and fragrant, to avoid that bad odors are formed and to make sure that corns and calluses stay away from our daily life, our feet need care and attention. For this reason a constant and careful do-it-yourself pedicure at home is a must for perfect feet.

Particularly widespread: almost all tend, perhaps both for habit and out of laziness, to take care of our feet exclusively near the beautiful season, or when spring is coming and it’s time to put in the closet winter shoes to wear sandals to the latest fashion and “let our feet breathe”. Nothing more wrong: our feet are in fact taken care of all year. They play a primary role in the structure and stability of our body as they form the basis on which the body rests. We also do not underestimate the fact that blood flows into the body just passing through our feet.

That’s why it would be advised not to abuse excessively high shoes that could cause back and posture problems. Each of us should have the natural need to take care of our feet: after all, it takes very little, some simple and quick precautions to make them pleasant and to be able to show off especially in summer. With a DIY pedicure and our advice you will succeed in order to have soft and cared for feet, to be shown without delay.

DIY pedicure at home: The necessary tools

To best cure our feet we do not have to turn to a beautician: it is enough to dedicate some time to ourselves, to obtain the simple tools necessary to make an excellent DIY pedicure at almost zero cost. For a quick homemade pedicure we will need a series of accessories: first, we will need a basin large enough to dip your feet. In this way, we will be able to soften our feet before proceeding to the actual treatment.

pedicure at home

We will also need emollient salts or even bicarbonate to add to the water contained in the basin: in this way we will be able to cleanse our feet perfectly and to sanitize them before treatment. We will then need to make a light scrub to eliminate dead cells and impurities: for this purpose, we’ll have to get a pumice stone. Again, we will use a nail clipper that will help us eliminate all the cuticles. We will then shape the nail to our liking using a simple file. Finally, we will use a buff that will allow us to polish the nails and finish our DIY pedicure by applying an emollient cream.

How to make an excellent DIY pedicure at home

It is very easy to take care of our feet with a DIY pedicure at home, a real beauty treatment to do at home to get enviable results in a short time. The main steps to put into practice are not many: first, we will eliminate all the residues of the enamel, carefully and delicately, without risking damage to the nail. After having cleaned the nails perfectly, we will dedicate ourselves to the foot bath: we will immerse our feet in a basin full of hot water (warm water is good) in which we will have added emollient salts or drops of essential oils such as lemon, mint or rosemary.

If we do not have the products just mentioned, we can add two tablespoons of salt to the water and two tablespoons of baking soda. The foot bath serves to soften the heels and toenails of our feet: for this reason we will have to let them soak for at least 15-20 minutes. After drying your feet well, we can start the treatment with the pumice stone: the friction we are going to create on calluses and calluses will make a pleasant movement that will smooth the skin of our feet. This treatment with pumice stone should be practiced, even on several occasions, especially on heels and toes, which represent the most calloused part of the feet that tends to harden more easily. The friction we are going to create on calluses and calluses will make a pleasant movement that will smooth the skin of our feet.

pedicure at home

Then, with a pair of scissors, we will reduce the length of the nails, taking care not to shorten them too much. After shortening the nails, we will pass the buff to polish them and then spread an emollient cream to soften and moisturize the skin of the feet, massaging well so as to allow even the most calloused parts to benefit from it. Finally, we pass the transparent gel on the nails and the enamel of the color that we prefer.

DIY pedicure at home: Useful tips for perfect feet

Our DIY pedicure can be further completed and enriched by preparing delicate, homemade home-made scrubs using just a few ingredients: the cream made with yogurt and sugar or yogurt and coarse salt is ideal for taking care of our feet. Another effective compound for removing dead cells can be obtained by mixing three tablespoons of salt, a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of almond oil. For corns and calluses, on the other hand, special creams or patches are available on the market that release a quantity of medicine suitable for smoothing the skin on the feet.

Those suffering from excessive sweating (which often also causes unpleasant odors) can benefit from another natural remedy: we are talking about cedar oil that can be used in water, during the foot bath or that can be sprayed directly or in socks or in shoes. Cedar oil can be very useful for covering or eliminating unpleasant odors. To moisturize and nourish our feet perfectly, we also recommend the rice oil that should be massaged for a few minutes and gently.

Another completely natural remedy to take care of our feet is, without a doubt, the lemon used together with the vaseline. The two ingredients, mixed together, moisturize dry and cracked feet to perfection. The cream should be applied after washing the feet thoroughly.

Again, mixing three tablespoons of avocado oil, two salt punches and two drops of mint oil we will get a moisturizing cream – also useful for removing and softening corns and corns – that will be left in action for about three minutes.

With these simple and quick precautions we will manage to have perfect, healthy and soft feet to show off and show especially during the summer.

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