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Kratom comes from the Rubiaceae tree family. It is scientifically known as the tree of Mitragyna Speciosa. Kratom has a wonderful chemical balance. This makes kratom a very effective medicinal product. It can relief any kind of pain in a very short time. That’s why kratom is mainly known as an effective painkiller. Not only that, but kratom also has a magical effect, which can make us stress-free, makes us energetic physically and sexually. So, it is clear that kratom is a really good herbal tree for us. But unfortunately, the majority of us don’t know where it was first born, who invented it first or how it was spread it worldwide. Read this full article and u can know all about this.

The famous European botanist knew as Pieter Korthals who first described kratom first. He mainly was a Dutch colonial scientist. In the year of 1839, he discovered kratom and trying to make a database about it. But unfortunately, we lost it somehow. That’s why now we can’t get the original database about it. But we don’t lose everything of Korthals database. By these databases, we can assure that kratom was first cultivated in Southeast Asian and Pacific island countries. You can know more about kratom here http://kratomtruth.com/

There was found another description about kratom written in Latin. It was another version of the description of Pieter Korthals.  It was published by George Haviland. Pieter Korthals also gives it a new genus name “Mitragyna”. In his writings, he describes many important things about it. He was the first scientists who introduce this magical herbal in Europe and American countries. Korthals first gives a proper description about its cultivation and uses.

After Korthals, there are so many scientist researches on this herbal tree. They found a magical chemical balance on its leaf which can be used in many ways. Researcher found a great opportunity to use it as a clinical product. After these successful researches kratom was starting to recommend as a medicine or supplement in many countries, especially in Southeast Asia. But recently kratom is using in many western country like USA, UK and New Zealand. In online, there is a big market of kratom products. So it is pretty clear that in near future we are going to use more kratom products for its great clinical value. We need more research on it to make it easy to using our daily life.

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