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It is a type of coal created from the fruit of the coconut tree and that has gone through a physical or chemical process “activation” in order to increase its porosity.

It can be purchased in capsule, tablet and powder form. The ideal whitening of the teeth, will be the activated coconut charcoal powder. We have personally tested that I present and below I will explain my experience and impressions with the products; as well as, the results that you can get if you want a smile from actor / actress of Hollywood.

Benefits of active coconut charcoal to clean our teeth

This type of coconut charcoal is not from the same family nor do they have the same uses as conventional coals for barbecues or chimneys. On the contrary, its main uses are medical. Having gone through an activation process, we will find that this type of charcoal will be able to absorb toxins. That is why it has a double function when we use it to clean our teeth. We will be whitening our teeth with activated charcoal, in addition to eliminating all those bacteria (causing caries and gingivitis) that we have in the mouth. Keep reading 5 Benefits of green tea for dental health

Not having white teeth is a situation that many people have experienced. Most do not care; but to those of us who like to give a healthy and pleasant presence, we tend to try to turn this situation around.

Mainly, the causes of stained or yellowish teeth; they are the type of food, drink, medications, tobacco and bad oral hygiene. If you want to change the tables and carry out this process that has helped me to get white pearl teeth, bleached with coconut charcoal; continue reading this article and discover my secret.

How to whiten teeth with activated coconut charcoal

The procedure on how to whiten the teeth with activated coconut charcoal, is very simple to do. To achieve this, you must have the following …


  • 1 bowl to spit
  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 1 capsule or activated charcoal powder


To have an enviable smile, all you have to do is brush in the usual way and after rinsing well, use a special brush for activated charcoal and check that it is dry. The idea is that activated charcoal does not spill when placed.

Place the capsule or charcoal powder on the brush and brush as you usually do. The bowl is so you can spit when you need it, since it is normal to feel some discomfort with coconut charcoal. Finally rinse your mouth well with plenty of water, clean the toothbrush well and let it dry very well.

If you are constant in the use of coconut charcoal, you will notice in a few weeks how your teeth will look whiter and brighter.

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