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With the arrival of summer, holidays and outdoor walks, a question arises: what protector should I use? Here we will tell you how to choose the best sunscreen for your skin.

In principle, it is important to remember that the protection of the skin is not exclusive to the summer season. At all times we must take care of the sun. However, in the summer exposure to sunlight increases and, with this, sunstroke, burns and discomfort.

Also with the time stores are filled with products that ensure sun protection. However, not everyone fulfills this function as we would like. Many times their failures are due to the fact that we did not choose the best one for our particular situation.

It may seem an inconsequential decision, but it is not. Improper care of our skin when exposed to the sun can cause premature aging, spots, burns, and cancer.

How do sunscreens help us?

The dream of many in summer is to get a beautiful tan without going through the discomforts of heatstroke, especially because it has serious consequences for the body. We can suffer from fever and pain, and in the long term, we even risk cancer.

Daily, be cold or hot, and even if it is cloudy, we are exposed to the sun’s rays. Therefore, the ideal when choosing the best sunscreen for your skin would be to buy one that works all year.best sunscreen

Many people do not know the meaning of the labels of the sunscreens they use. This is stated by a study of the Faculty of Medicine Feinberg of the University of the Northwest (Illinois, United States).

Therefore, they usually choose the one with the highest number in the sun protection index. However, experts say that this is not the only indicator to which we must pay attention.

The sun’s rays, or ultraviolet rays, that affect us are divided into two types: UVA and UVB. The first ones are those that tan us for a short time, and they are dangerous because they reach deep into the skin. The seconds are less strong but, when exposed to them, they can burn our tissues.

The sun protection factor (SPF), or SFP for its acronym in English, protects us from UVB rays, and therefore, from severe burns. However, it leaves the skin unprotected from UVA and, therefore, does not help us to prevent skin diseases and cancer.

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How to choose the best sunscreen for me?best sunscreen

Experts suggest choosing a sunscreen that, in addition to having a good sun protection index, is broad spectrum. In this way, you can make sure that it protects you both from UVA and UVB rays.

The ideal sun protection index to use sunscreen all year round is SPF30. You should also specify on the label that the sunscreen is resistant to water and sweat. That way you’ll make sure I protect you for a longer period.

Recommendations for summer

In addition to choosing the best sunscreen to use at this time, there are other recommendations that you can follow to keep your skin healthy and protected at all times:

Apply the sunscreen on your entire body at least 30 minutes before leaving. This way your skin will absorb it better and you will get more protection.best sunscreen

Try to expose yourself the least amount of time in the sun. Use a hat and cool shirts to cover your arms, and if possible, stay in the shade.

Avoid leaving at noon, because it is the hottest time and in which the sun’s rays hit the skin directly. Ideally, keep yourself in the shade, at least until 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

If you go to the beach or the pool, apply sunscreen again after each bath or every hour.

With these recommendations and proper use of your sunscreen, in addition to sunglasses, you can enjoy summer and outdoor activities without remorse. Also, keep in mind that skin care is not exclusive to the hot season. Including sunscreen in your daily life is ideal to keep you healthy.

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