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Netball has seen a steady rise in popularity and participation since the England team secured gold in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The game, traditionally played by girls and first learnt in primary school, is now popular with males as well and played by all ages.

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To play netball competitively, athletes need to train and prepare both physically and mentally. Keeping drills innovative and interesting is key to players feeling motivated, learning new skills and improving their game.


Netball is a fast game which requires a high level of fitness and the ability to react quickly. Having a netball drill that specifically works on speed and movement will benefit a team’s performance.

Companies such as https://www.sportplan.net/drills/netball/ offer a series of drills aimed specifically at netball players which are suitable for every level of player from beginner to elite.


Ensuring the team’s shooters practise shooting goes without saying, but incorporating this into a cardio drill can help players to practise in a game situation. Having a drill that involves sprinting back after a shot and taking shots quickly and under pressure will improve fitness as well as accuracy.

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England’s Helen Housby, who scored the winner in the historic Commonwealth final, is hoping her nerves don’t get the better of her in the upcoming Netball World Cup, which kicks off this week in Liverpool.


Having the ability to change direction is key for all netball players, especially those who play in an attacking position. Training athletes to weave in and out of cones or other players is a simple yet very effective training method.


Playing a game of dodgeball during a team training session can help build team spirit as well as improve the ability of players to react quickly to what is going on around them.

Triangle Passing

Having a drill specifically aimed at players who play in defensive positions can be an extremely effective way of ensuring your team’s success. Having a triangle of three players throwing the ball, then getting a fourth player to act as a defender and try to intercept the ball, can strengthen any team’s defensive wall, making them hard to beat.


Always ensure team-building exercises are included into any training session to maximise the team’s communication skills and build trust and respect amongst players.

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