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Agility is both a key and core skill; in essence, it means moving quickly and changing direction swiftly. It is important to be agile both mentally and physically, so let’s take a look at some of the best exercises to improve your agility.

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On your toes

Do you like watching hockey drill videos? This is a good place to start in your move towards becoming more agile. Another suggestion is to use an agility ladder. You can move through this in various ways, such as knee-high marching and lateral scissors. Exercise your upper body by using your hands; once you have perfected it, speed the routine up. You will be amazed at how it gets your brain working and your heart rate pumping!

You can do it!

Hurdles are a great way to improve your agility; even better, you can use yoga blocks or cones. Use between five and ten in a row and parallel to each other. Start with a high step over the first and return to the beginning, then do two and repeat and continue until you reach the final one. Remember to change direction and speed up as you become more advanced.

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Have you ever asked yourself where can I watch hockey drill videos? You will find that there are lots to choose from online, with some of the best including using agility balls. If you are training by yourself, bounce the ball against a wall; if you are working out with a partner, you can bounce the ball between you. Use one hand to bounce the ball and both to catch it. This exercise is brilliant for hand-eye coordination and mental stimulation.


Choose two different colour balloons and hit them in a selected order, such as green and then red. You could also spice it up a bit by including a squat or burpee between the hits. Remember not to let the balloons hit the ground!

Drills using cones

Set up seven cones and attribute a letter to each. Move through the cones using the letters in a sequence. You can walk, skip or even jog, sprint or shuffle between them, moving the cones further away from each other to increase your cardiovascular workout. Changing the order of the letters will also increase your mental agility.

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