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Green tea is known for the endless benefits it brings to health. Thanks to its properties it helps to treat diabetes and even mental or neurological problems. It also provides benefits in the aesthetic and beauty area, since it is a great antioxidant and slimming. It is usually included in hair or body creams, as well as in skin tonics.

Taken as an infusion relaxes the body, but many did not know the benefits of this wonderful herb in oral health. Here we talk about the benefits of green tea for dental health.

How does green tea work on my teeth?

The myth that green tea is contradictory to teeth was denied by several studies, the last of which was published in the Journal of Periodontology.

In this, it is exposed that green tea has the goodness to maintain, strengthen and help to move away from diseases that could lead us to lose teeth.

1. Protects gums from bacteria

This herb is rich in antioxidants, among which the catechins stand out. Apart from protecting many organs of our body (including the teeth and gums) is what helps to prevent the inflammation generated by bacteria that accumulate in the root of the tooth and become tartar.green tea

Thus, it manages to protect them from bacteria coming from abroad, preventing periodontal diseases such as for example, gingivitis.

Green tea consumed daily will help prevent the appearance of this type of diseases that can cause serious damage to the oral cavity.

These directly attack the teeth and then the gum, and cause the weakening of these. This derives in inflammation and the subsequent penetration of the bacteria inside the alveolar ridge. They can even reach the bone of the jaw.

Green tea, thanks to its vitamin intake, will not only protect the gums: it will also strengthen and neutralize the bacterial agents that are in our mouth.

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2. Effective against cavities

In countries like China and Japan, where a lot of green tea is consumed, there are very few people who suffer from tooth decay. This is due to the catechins, which fight the cariogenic bacteria.

3. Fight against bad breath

Another benefit of green tea is that it prevents bad breath or halitosis. This happens because this herb is loaded with antioxidants that, thanks to its healing properties, eliminate bacterial infections. The consumption of tea favors an increase in antioxidants in the immune system.green tea

Thus, it allows our body to fight naturally the bacteria that cause bad breath.

With the daily consumption of this infusion, we will begin to notice the difference through breathing.

Thanks to its properties we will be able to immunize the oral cavity.

4. Deep cleaning

Another reason we may have bad breath is that we could have very large tonsils. This is a reason for bad taste in the mouth and expulsion of unpleasant odors.

In the tonsils can be bacteria that cause possible infections due to the accumulation of saliva and food debris.

Green tea is so effective that it attacks the bacteria and germs that get there. When we begin to drink green tea we will realize that episodes of flu or irritation in the throat will diminish.

5. Fluoride carriergreen tea

Through its roots, green tea gets small amounts of fluoride, which it absorbs from the earth and water. Thus, the longer the plant is in the soil, the more fluoride it will have at the moment of consuming the infusion.

An important fact that we can not ignore is that after the ingestion we should always wash our teeth with toothpaste or toothpastes. Green tea also has a pigment that can stain teeth.

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