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Eating is a necessity, so it is inevitable that we buy food, whether they are already prepared or to cook them ourselves. However, when we eat we should avoid processed food since for various reasons it is not good for our body.

Today we bring you the reasons why processed food is an enemy of health. They may be enough to completely eliminate your consumption or decrease it to a minimum.

Avoid processed food

Currently, the availability of 100% natural foods is almost non-existent. In one way or another, the vast majority of food products that we can buy have had some type of processing.

However, there are some products that are more processed than others, which involve the presence of additives that are associated with the cause of different health conditions.avoid processed food

On the other hand, there are also foods that are highly refined, which suppress natural nutrients.

As a consequence of the above, the frequent consumption of processed foods can generate various diseases. This is one of the reasons why we should avoid this type of food.

To know what products are processed it is important that we read the labels they bring. However, they are often deceptive. Here are some reasons to stop eating products with a high level of processing.

Here we share 10 reasons to avoid processed food

1. Contains addictives

Surely it happened to you some time that you consumed a product because you were hungry and after eating it you feel like you finished very fast and you want more. This happens even though that element has a number of calories that should have satiated you.

That happens with processed foods. While natural food has the quality of satisfying hunger, the products that have been processed do the opposite: they generate the sensation of wanting to consume more and more.

The processed food undergoes modifications. This causes that the organism cannot digest it normally and that it does not assimilate it either.

But in addition to not sate, manufacturers tend to improve the taste with additives that contain elements that release dopamine. This substance generates a pleasant sensation, so it creates addiction.

2. Obesityavoid processed food

The additive components used in food processing are directly related to the development of obesity.

The most common additives are high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and monosodium glutamate. These in addition to causing overweight also prevent weight loss.

In fact, the figures show that in countries where the consumption of processed food is higher, obesity rates are also higher.

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3. There is no nutrient balance

One of the basic principles of healthy eating is the combination of different nutritional groups. When we eat processed foods there is no adequate combination of nutrients, which results in poor digestion, blood acidification, and weight gain, without taking into account that we do not obtain the necessary energy.

4. They unbalance the bacterial flora

Physical well-being depends to a great extent on the microorganisms present in the body, which are responsible for various functions. It’s what we call bacterial flora.

One of the reasons why we should avoid processed food has to do with the fact that these products destroy the flora present in the intestines, which causes an infinity of diseases and difficulties in the digestive tract.

5. They destabilize the mood

A large amount of added chemicals causes several negative effects. Among them, there are those that affect the mood and generate:avoid processed food

  • Bad mood.
  • Memory problems
  • Depression
  • Hyperactivity

These effects are produced not only by the high chemical content but also by the shortage of nutrients.

6. They are consumed quickly

The organism is configured to eat slowly, with pauses and periods of rest. Processed foods imply the opposite. They are consumed very quickly since they are designed so that they can be eaten anytime, anywhere.

7. Untruthful information to avoid processed food

Some highly processed foods are advertised as elements with great qualities. Generally, they promote them as sugar-free, fresh and natural, when in reality they may be full of additives, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.

8. Meats related to canceravoid processed food

Processed meats and sausages have high contents of preservatives, among which are nitrates, which several studies have concluded that generate a higher risk factor for cancer.

9. Malnutrition

The fact of eating in large quantities does not mean that we eat well. On the contrary, what guarantees a healthy nutrition is the balance of the food groups.

As processed products generate the need to eat a lot, we ingest much more than we need and without any nutritional balance.

10. Long durationavoid processed food

One of the characteristics of processed food is that it sells its long duration as a “quality”. Although the idea that the products are conserved for a long time sounds good, for this it is necessary to add an excessive amount of preservatives, which are harmful to health.

Rather than trying to extend the products’ duration, the important thing must be their nutritional value. Therefore, it is essential that you consume processed foods in a moderate way, making sure they are part of a balanced diet.

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