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To avoid eye bags and dark circles around the eyes it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. While the application of cosmetic products helps to reduce this problem, other measures are required so that it does not reappear constantly.

These imperfections are the result of fluid retention, hormonal changes, and unhealthy habits. In the same way, they appear because of the little attention that this area of the face usually receives within the regular beauty routine.

Although they do not usually alert anything serious, many look for methods to eliminate them because they make the face look tired, sick and with more age. Luckily, there are simple tips that allow you to correct them to give a better face appearance.

Why eye bags and dark circles are produced?

Before tackling the tips to avoid bags and dark circles it is worth reviewing their main triggers. Since some have to do with the lifestyle, it would be good to consider ways to avoid them so that they stop affecting these alterations.

eye bags and dark circles

  • Stains due to excess melanin or sun exposure (hyperpigmentation)
  • Abrupt hormonal changes
  • Consumption of medications such as cortisone and vasodilators
  • Sleep little or have sleep interruptions
  • Rubbing your eyes abruptly
  • Fluid retention or edema
  • Thyroid diseases such as hypothyroidism
  • Nutrient deficit
  • Premature aging

Tips to avoid eye bags and dark circles

To respond to the need to avoid eye bags and dark circles, the cosmetics industry has developed a wide variety of creams that focus on the delicate skin that covers them. On the other hand, professional treatments such as laser or pulsed light have also been designed.

However, as an option, there are several recommendations that allow you to control them naturally, without spending too much. In fact, the ideal is to apply them as a complement to any type of treatment. Put them into practice!

1. Sleep well

eye bags and dark circles

Having a good quality of sleep is a determining factor in keeping the skin in good condition. So, if the goal is to avoid eye bags and dark circles, sleep hours should be respected.


Try to sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day without interruptions. If you have difficulties to sleep well, consume a relaxing infusion and verify that your resting place is comfortable.

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2. Always remove make-up

A fundamental step to show a fresh and young face is to remove makeup every night before going to sleep. Although cosmetic products help to beautify during the day, the waste that accumulates on the skin can cause dark circles and imperfections at night.


Take some almond essential oil and apply it on your skin to facilitate the removal of makeup. If you prefer, use a cream or cleansing milk.

3. Limit the consumption of salt

eye bags and dark circles

Maintaining a diet rich in sodium is one of the obstacles to avoid eye bags and dark circles around the eyes. This is because they affect fluid retention, a factor that increases inflammation and circulation difficulties.


Substitute the salt of your meals with herbs and spices such as oregano, thyme, bay leaf and turmeric. Also, check the labels of your products and avoid those that have too much sodium.

4. Eat green vegetables

Green vegetables are very beneficial foods for skin health. In this particular case, they contribute to optimizing the oxygenation process to avoid inflammation in the eye contour. In passing, its antioxidants prevent premature aging.


Include more green vegetables in your diet preparing salads or smoothies. Try to consume them raw to obtain 100% of their nutrients.

5. Increase water intake

eye bags and dark circles

The dehydration can lead to the development of several alterations in facial skin. Besides causing dryness, it increases the weakening of the tissues and produces imperfections such as dark circles, bags and “crow’s feet”.


Drink between 7 and 8 glasses of water throughout the day. If you prefer, prepare infusions of herbs and fruits or natural juices.

6. Eat citrus fruits

Citrus fruits and other sources of vitamin C help increase collagen production. This substance not only prevents the appearance of premature wrinkles but also maintains the firmness of the delicate skin around the eyes.


Do not hesitate to consume more oranges, grapefruit, lemons and any other citrus in your regular diet. If you wish, take them in juice or added in smoothies.

7. Use sunscreen

eye bags and dark circles

The impact of the sun’s UV rays is a major cause of hyperpigmentation in the eye area. It also weakens the tissues and affects the appearance of premature wrinkles.


Use creams with sunscreen, or, traditional sunscreen. To complement the protection, wear sunglasses every day.

8. Apply a massage

A brief massage with the fingertips can promote lymphatic drainage to reduce these imperfections. The ideal is to complement it with some essential oil or cream since this allows a better stimulation of the circulation.


Apply several drops of coconut oil or almonds around the eyes and rub with gentle circular movements using your fingers. Do it every night before going to bed.

9. Use cucumber slices

eye bags and dark circles

The classic remedy to avoid eye bags and dark circles remain the cucumber. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties, this vegetable corrects these alterations and leaves a renewed appearance. It also acts as a tranquilizer and reduces possible irritations in the area.


Cut several cucumber slices and put them in the freezer. Then, when they are very cold, apply them to closed eyes for 5 minutes.

10. Do physical exercise

It is not that physical exercise as such eliminates dark circles; however, its usual practice promotes good circulation and helps reduce inflammation. These effects improve skin oxygenation and allow the face to remain healthy.


Perform physical exercise, at least 20 minutes a day. If you can not move to the gym, adopt a routine at home or look for alternative activities such as dancing or riding a bicycle.

Do you notice that your face looks tired because of the constant appearance of bags and dark circles? Say goodbye to these imperfections thanks to these tips. Although they do not disappear miraculously, little by little they minimize their symptoms.

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