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When it is very hot we do not feel like copious or hot meals, however, even being summer we must feed and nourish ourselves well. It is a matter of habits and opting for foods that lower body temperature. Find out more in this article.

Lower your body temperature with these foods

There are many strategies that can help us when it is hot, such as staying by the air conditioning all day, not going out to the street at noon, put on white clothing and loose, take a fan to where we go or spend all day in the pool or the sea.

But what happens with the food? Although it is summer, we also have an appetite and we must feed ourselves like at another time of the year, with which the dilemmas begin: What do I cook? What to not feel even more heat? Will a salad satisfy the hunger?

The secret of eating well and lowering body temperature when we eat is to maintain a low-calorie diet, which also contains very fresh foods. It is important to avoid hypocaloric dishes, as they not only make us gain weight but also make us feel warm.

To avoid this we recommend the following summer meals:

1. Fruit juices

body temperature in summer

They will be your great allies throughout the summer. Buy different fruits and have the blender or the juicer at hand. The juices can be consumed at any time of the day, they refresh you at the moment and also they feed you.

They can be served for breakfast next to a slice of toast and cheese or a pot of skimmed yogurt. And during the day, an orange or apple juice will reduce the temperature of your body and prevent you from eating any other food with no nutritional value.

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2. Fresh salads

There are many options. You can combine the vegetables that you like most, such as lettuce, tomato, celery, carrot, beet, onion, and cabbage. Also, you can add cooked vegetables that are cold, as well as dressings. Olive oil, lemon, and aromatic herbs are essential.

If with a “simple” salad you do not satisfy your appetite, you can add ingredients such as rice, hard-boiled egg, olives or canned tuna.

3. Fish

You can not forget about fresh fish to reduce the temperature of your body in summer. It has fewer calories than meat and depending on the preparation method can refresh you. Accompany it with salad or sauteed vegetables.

Best of all, during the hot months, it is easier to get salmon, sole or hake that has fatty acids such as omega 3 (healthy fat). Seafood is also an excellent solution to enjoy a rich, healthy and refreshing lunch.

The fish can replace the sausages and, in many cases, it is served cold next to a rich salad. To accompany a glass of seafood, you can order a glass of cold white wine.

4. Whole fruits

body temperature in summer

Beyond the juices that are delicious and nutritious, another good way to cope with summer and high temperatures is to consume whole fruits. For example, take an apple, a pear or a peach to the office. If you have time prepare a fruit salad, but do not add sugar.

You can add pieces of fruit to the yogurt or add a handful of berries, raspberries, and blueberries. We recommend that you consume those fruits with a high water content such as watermelon and melon. Both are refreshing, provide a lot of fiber and minerals, moisturize, are delicious and have almost no calories.

5. Dairy products

A rich strawberry yogurt in the morning is much more refreshing than a cup of coffee with milk and, of course, healthier. Dairy products (better if they are skimmed) can be perfect allies to reduce body temperature in hot weather.

6. Light sandwiches

The integral mold bread (if it has seeds, better yet) cannot miss in your kitchen. Summer is the ideal time to prepare a quick and light snack. Take the opportunity to eat more vegetables by adding them to sandwiches.

Instead of mayonnaise, you can spread avocado. Instead of sausages, put palm hearts; Choose fresh sprouts, fresh cheese. You can innovate with what you have in the fridge. Keep reading  https://therecreationplace.com/health/summer-is-the-perfect-time-to-prepare-your-legs-for-winter-marathons/

7. Pasta

body temperature

Maybe you relate the noodles with a winter meal, however, you can also choose them in summer. For this they should “fulfill” a condition: consume cold.

Once they are ready to leave them for a while on the countertop (not in the fridge because they are too hard). Then, combine them with the ingredients that you like the most: olives, cherry tomatoes, pieces of cheese, peppers, pickles, tuna. Do not forget to season with olive oil, basil, rosemary, salt, and pepper.

8. Water and ice cream

Water cannot be missed in the summer since it not only reduces body temperature but also prevents dehydration. Many times we believe that we are hungry when in reality it is thirst.

And if you do not like drinking water,  you can choose a cold green tea with lemon or any other infusion with ice cubes.  As for ice cream, we recommend that you do not abuse them because they have sugar and fat. You can always choose the water ones and much better if you prepare them at home.

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