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Caring for tired eyes is a necessity, especially in these moments when surrounded by technology, we almost always have a screen in front of our eyes. We do not realize the damage we do to them every time we expose them to a screen, either from the computer or from the mobile phone.

More and more people are suffering from sight problems and these are not isolated cases. For this reason, we will discover some tricks to take care of tired eyes that surely our eyes will appreciate.

We share with you 4 tricks to take care of tired eyes

1. Be careful with the lights off

A book is very complicated that we can read it in the dark, if not impossible. However, the computer or mobile phone can be seen with the light off since these devices have light.

Although we can see in the dark, it is not positive that we carry this out as a habit. Most of the time, we should turn on the lights if we are going to spend a lot of time on the phone or on the computer.tired eyes

If we have ever been in this situation, we will have noticed that our eyes were stinging or that, when we looked away from the screen, they hurt a little. In some cases, dark circles may appear or eyes may turn red.

This means that we need more light. When we see the mobile in the dark, for example, our eyes have to focus much more, to concentrate on that point of light. This will hurt us.

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2. Rest your eyesight

If we work in front of the computer or we are doing work on it, we have to rest our eyes. The same if we are with the tablet or the mobile. To achieve this, it is necessary to follow the following recommendations:

  • Use the Pomodoro method and rest, after 25 minutes, 5 minutes of the screen.
  • More than an hour and a half in front of the screen and the rest.
  • Do exercises with your eyes, for example, look to one side or the other.
  • Take the opportunity to blink, this lubricates the eyes, or use an eye drop.

This is very important because to take care of tired eyes it is necessary that we allow them to rest. They are constantly working and giving them a break will allow us to take care of them.

3. Adjust the brightness of the screens

To take care of tired eyes, a good measure is to make use of what is known as a nightlight. The configuration of this light is present in almost all technological devices, tablets, phones, and computers.

These devices emit a blue light that produces dry eyes, fatigue, tearing and other problems. Therefore, we can configure our screens so that, at a certain time, they change that light for an orange or yellow light.tired eyes

This light helps the eyes to rest and, above all, it allows us to prepare ourselves to sleep. Well, the blue light keeps us alert, but this one does the opposite. It is much more respectful with the eyes.

In fact, we can check this if we wake up early and the night light is still active on our mobile. If it were the blue light it would cost us to see the screen at first, it dazzles us. But with the night light, this does not happen.

4. Better natural light

To take care of tired eyes it is always preferable to make use of natural light since artificial light can tire them more. For example, it is not recommended that we are exposed to fluorescent light for a long time.

So, during the day, we try to be in places where we have to dispense with artificial light and we can use natural light. A more open space in the house, for example, the living room instead of a small room, can be of great help.tired eyes

What methods do you use to take care of tired eyes? Think that, if you work in front of a screen, it would be positive that you started to put into practice the measures that we have talked about in order to avoid future problems.

You can make use of various methods such as night light or, also, screensavers. Although it may not seem important, over time your eyes will thank you. They will have fewer problems in the future, if you have nearsightedness or farsightedness you will not favor it to get worse and you will enjoy better eye health.

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