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Dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface are one of the factors that most affect the appearance of our skin; every day we expose it to the different polluting agents of the environment and, without realizing it, at the end of the day, we obtain a skin with a terrible aspect, damaging it and giving it an unhealthy aspect. To exfoliate and protect it from environmental toxins is body exfoliation.

The skin of the body as well as the face needs special care to allow it to look healthier for longer, either with minimally invasive treatments or natural resources, it is advisable to apply treatments that allow us to release toxins. In this post we explain everything that body exfoliation can do for us and what are the methods to achieve a more tense and rejuvenated skin.

What does exfoliation do for our skin?

In addition to the benefits mentioned at the beginning, exfoliation is an ideal mechanism for …

  • Wear a toned skin due to the elimination of toxins
  • Keep the skin free of impurities.
  • Delay the aging of the skin because it deep cleanses the pores.
  • Keep the skin hydrated.

It is true that abuse of exfoliation can cause some problems such as, for example, the delay in the production of collagen and sebum that protects our skin from environmental pollutants. However, a fair number of times per month can help improve the circulation of our body because it provides value to our lymphatic system in the same way as lymphatic drainage does.

Body Exfoliation

7 Considerations for body exfoliation

1) Body exfoliation is basically about using the same thing that we usually use to cleanse the face. However, since the skin of the rest of the body is usually more resistant, less delicate and more tense, it is recommended to use harder ingredients such as sugar grains, for example.

2) When you use sugar in a mixture of egg white and lemon, it does not dissolve completely, which produces a deeper cleaning on our skin.

3) When applying the scrubs on the skin, we will try to moisten the whole body a bit so as not to damage it. For example, we can mix the exfoliation ingredient that we prefer with a bit of coconut or almond oil and it is much easier to slide your fingers.

4) It is important that after exfoliating the body (especially the face) we use sunscreen before leaving home. Remember that the exfoliation frees the skin of impurities leaving a free and more sensitive skin, and this facilitates the passage of the solar rays. If you plan to go somewhere in summer, it is preferable that you leave the exfoliation for after the visit to the beach, pool, etc. It is not recommended to combine exfoliation with sun.

5) To ensure that the body exfoliation gives us the best results, we must apply it by massaging the area to be treated. It is not enough to apply the substances, the real effect on this type of treatment is seen after the massage.

6) If you suffer acne, dermatitis or some type of eczema, do not insist too much with the massage, this can make the problem worse. In these cases it is advisable to cleanse the skin previously by means of body peeling. And you should attend the consultation with a specialist and let him be the one to indicate which the best option for your case is and skin type.

7) The massage during the exfoliation can produce irritations, so if you have a dry skin, it is advisable to moisturize it after the session in the shower. For example, with moist skin you can apply some coconut oil (again) or if you prefer you can cut a little aloe (aloe vera) liquefy and apply it in the areas where you did body exfoliation. At the moment of applying it, massage the area until the gel of the aloe has absorbed completely, you will see that the skin will remain as silky.

Natural scrubs for the body

Doing this type of treatments from an aesthetic is a great option for those who prefer to feel cared and pampered, but if you prefer to do it from the privacy of your home you can try some of these natural ingredients:

Green clay

Due to its softness it is perfect for sensitive skins or that have some type of problem in the dermis. It has great benefits for the skin, such as …

  • It is antiseptic.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • It facilitates the work of our lymphatic system.
  • Regenerates the tissues

For body exfoliation on sensitive skin it is better to mix it with oils (olive, almond, coconut) in order to facilitate the passage of the clay through the skin. Let it rest for several minutes and then remove it.

Later we will use our favorite cream before going to sleep to facilitate the absorption of the properties during the hours of sleep.


If you have a stronger skin and zero problems in the dermis, you can try something stronger like coffee, which mixed with some oil allows you to get beautiful skin in minutes. After exfoliation with coffee, you can hydrate your skin with oatmeal water.

Sea salt

The sea salt is thick and therefore favors the work of massage in body exfoliation. You can mix it with honey. We will gently massage several minutes, clean it and then hydrate the skin with some well-moisturizing cream.

Finally, we would like to remind you that even if you have healthy skin or clinical complications, do not overdo the use of body scrubs because, far from helping, you will only complicate things and you will have sick and unhealthy skin. Once a week is the most recommended, and if you have any skin problem, consult your specialist to attack the root problem.

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