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If you look at your beautiful dentition in the mirror, notice swollen and bleeding gums should take precautions.

The bleeding of the gums is a very common phenomenon: the root cause is gingivitis, an inflammation caused by a buildup of plaque in the protracted time that even if it does not, it could also cause tooth decay.

It is not always the plaque’s fault, though. Cases of bleeding gums also occur in pregnant women due to hormonal changes or in those who have suffered a trauma or injury to the gingival tissue. But what are the remedies for bleeding gums? Let’s see them together.

What to do for treat bleeding gums?

If you notice blood escaping from the gums, regardless of the cause that generated the phenomenon, it is good to act immediately to treat bleeding gums.

treat bleeding gums

Here are some simple natural remedies for treat bleeding gums …

1) Salt water – Rinses with salt water help to soothe the gingival tissues. It is good not to overdo the amount of salt, excessive use can cause irritation of the tissues. The use of this solution is not recommended for people suffering from hypertension.

2) Cold pack – An ice pack on the gums applied several times during the day, as well as limiting the flow of blood, soothes pain in the gums.

3) Edible oil – Gently massage olive, coconut, sesame or sunflower oil onto bleeding gums is an excellent remedy against infections, although not all of the scientific community is in agreement with this assumption.

4) Sodium bicarbonate or hydrogen peroxide – After brushing your teeth, if your gums are bleeding, try rinsing with water and bicarbonate or hydrogen peroxide. This solution is an excellent disinfect for the entire mouth.

5) Herbs and oils – Some essential oils and natural herbs are a panacea for inflammation of the gums. In particular, calendula is useful for treating gingivitis and plaque formation, arnica or oil of oregano are used to soothe gingival pain.

6) The green – It is a real natural mouthwash. Daily rinses with water solutions and a few drops of green tea help to control the formation of bacteria in the mouth.

7) Aloe vera – In its natural state or in gel, aloe vera is a plant with known anti-inflammatory properties, applied on the gums helps to slow the bleeding and reduce the swelling.

8) Food (just!) – As always, nutrition greatly affects our state of health, including that of the mouth. In order to prevent gingivitis and the like, it is advisable to consume dairy products to encourage the right amount of calcium, as well as vegetables to promote proper teeth and gum cleaning thanks to the high content of water and fiber, and vitamin C products (for example citrus and carrots) and vitamin K (for example spinach, cabbage) which promote the well-being of the gums, limiting the formation of infections.

9) Stress  – The emotional state can cause a lowering of the immune system, also going to affect the state of health of our gums, due to an accumulation of plaque.

10) Smoking – It is the great enemy of the health of teeth and gums. Tobacco promotes bleeding of the gums, making them more sensitive to the action of bacteria.

If despite these measures, after a few days from your gums continue to leak blood and feel a pain, it is good to consult a dentist to understand how to treat bleeding gums.

As always, the best solution is prevention, even when we refer to common gums that bleed due to an ongoing infection or other reasons.

A good daily oral hygiene is the best way to overcome such problems. To limit the risk of bleeding gums, it is advisable to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and avoid brushing your teeth with great force.

For proper oral hygiene or maintaining an optimal state of health of your gums, it is good to complete the cleaning with dental floss and antibacterial mouthwash, preferably without alcohol to avoid inflammation of the tissues.

By following these tips and fixing periodic visits to your dentist, you can enjoy a dazzling smile, without running the risk of seeing bloody and swollen gums reflected in the mirror.

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