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If you are drowsy and tired during the day, but cannot fall asleep in the evenings, do not necessarily have to use highly effective drugs such as benzodiazepines or neuroleptics.

It is better to take a look at the herbal world! Sleeping herbs are traditionally prepared as tea; the hot water itself has already a soothing effect. A tea blend of various herbs can bring about miracles!

1. Poisonous Leech

The dried leaves, as well as the milk juice, contain active substances, which are similar to opium. Significantly less euphoric and intense, but very soothing, soothing and even painless.

2. Kratom

The popular medicinal and culinary herb Kratom has sedative, anxiolytic property. Even the smell can emit light euphoria and relax! Kratom tea in the evening has a very positive effect on falling asleep. Perfect for a night sleep! You can find Kratom tea for sale online here http://thekratommag.com/

3. Goldmohn

This poppy contains no opiates, but active substances, which have a sedative and soothing effect. Goldmohn can be smoked and drunk as a tea.

4. Maidal Nuts

A sedative that is common in various Shaman tribes, that smell is probably very sluggish and also slightly visionary. Dreams are strengthened, so maid nuts can also be counted as trapezoids. Traditionally, nuts are consumed, and this method should also have an effect.

5. Lemon balm

This common spice plant not only tastes wonderfully lemony, it also has sedative and sleep-inducing properties. That’s why many herbal soaps contain Melissa Extract! Especially the Melissen tea makes one, when drunk at night, wonderfully sleepy.

6. St. John’s Wort

Even though St. John’s Wort is known as an herbal antidepressant, it also has a positive effect on sleep behavior. Highly dosed as a tea drunk this medicinal plant can sedate properly – especially if you drink for a long period of time a regular cup St. John’s Wort tea.

7. Oat tea

Not only as a food, this cereal is a useful aid for humans. The oatmeal, also called Grünhafer or oat tea, contains the soothing agent Gramin. An oat tea is a very effective relaxation drink.

8. Camomile

Camomile tea is very widely distributed here and can be found in almost every supermarket. In addition to the many other healing effects that this plant possesses, highly dosed chamomile tea also has soothing, sluggish effects. By the way, chamomile is also very tasty – a real super herb!

9. Taubnessel

There are several effective pigeons, such as the golden nettle or the White Taubnessel. In addition to a spasm- and mucus-dissolving effect, one feels a soothing effect with a Taubnessel tea.

10. CBD Oil

Although cannabis is prohibited, cannabidol-containing oil is allowed to a certain concentration. While CBD has no euphoric, psychedelic effect similar to the THC, it has a relaxing, soothing, antipsychotic and more effect. You just swallow 2 hours before sleeping go a few drops of the oil.

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